Suzanne Lawrance: Missing from Healesville, Australia Since 1987

Suzanne Lawrance
Suzanne Lawrance

On the night of Saturday, February 7, 1987, 16-year-old Suzanne Lawrance of Healesville, Australia was dropped off at the Healesville Memorial Hall on Maroondah Highway by her mother, Liz.

Suzanne was attending a birthday party there that night. It was her first big outing after recovering from injuries received in a car crash.

By Monday, Suzanne still had not returned home. Liz went to the police to report her daughter missing.

It was later discovered that Suzanne had left the birthday party distressed, but it is unknown what upset her. She spoke with two boys at the gates of nearby Queen’s Park, who offered to give her a ride home but she declined.

The following morning, Suzanne was seen in Healesville wearing a pink and white top and talking at a car with some boys.

Later that day, a local woman who knew Suzanne saw her at a country music festival with a boy not known to the woman.

Suzanne disappeared after the last sighting and has not been seen since. Her mother continues to look for her.

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