Molly Marie Young: Murder or Suicide?

Molly Marie Young

On March 24, 2012, Molly Marie Young, 21, was found shot to death in her former  boyfriend’s apartment in the 500 block of North Westridge Drive in Carbondale, IL. Richie Minton, who had been heavily drinking, called Molly around 3:00 a.m. insisting he needed Molly’s help. Molly, herself, had not been drinking.

Sometime after Molly arrived at the apartment, she was shot in the head.The handgun, a .45 semiautomatic 1911 used in the killing just happened to be owned by none other than Minton himself.

The 911 call was made by Minton’s roommate, Wesley Romack, at 9:02 a.m., several hours after Molly’s death.

Carbondale PD, for whatever reason, immediately handed the investigation over to the Illinois State Police, who arrived shortly after the 911 call was made.

Molly did not have any powder residue on her hands, nor were her fingerprints found on the gun, which means this was not a suicide. Subsequently released police reports show authorities conducted gunshot residue tests on the hands of Minton, Romack, and Young. Results were negative for all three (Carbondale Times).

So what’s the kicker of this case? Well, Minton has never been charged with any crime whatsoever. And neither has his roommate.

Richie Minton

Why, you ask? Turns out, Minton is a former  telecommunicator with the Carbondale Police Department. He was employed there at the time of the shooting. He is also the son of a longtime Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy. Minton already lawyered up by the time the Illinois State Police arrived that morning to investigate. Seven, count ’em, SEVEN individuals came forward to independent investigators saying that the CPD was at the scene much earlier than when the 911 call was made. Some people believe this is a huge police cover-up.

Molly’s death was not ruled a suicide or homicide after the shooting. It was ruled as “suspicious”, citing there was not enough evidence to show homicide or suicide.

Minton had two six-inch long scratches on his face side, under his arm, that he claimed must have happened during his CPR attempt on Molly.

During the coroner’s inquest, it came out that Molly had been depressed and was threatening suicide in text messages to both Minton and Romack. There were also dark journal entries mentioned, too, but some were over two years old.

In August 2013, Jackson County State’s Attorney, Mike Carr, announced that NO charges would be filed and the case is closed.

On June 30, 2014, Molly’s father, Larry, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Richie Minton.

You can help support justice for Molly by visiting her family’s website or Facebook group.

To read my opinion on this case, please click here.

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