Christopher Abeyta Kidnapping 1986

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August 2020Gil Abeyta, father of Colorado Springs baby who vanished in 1986, dies

February 2017: Christopher’s mother, Bernice, dies of cancer.

November 2015: Judge ordered Denise Alvez [Christopher’s sister] to pay Bradshaw $150,000 in damages. What BS.

November 2013:  Emma filed a lawsuit against the Abeyta family, citing defamation of character. The Abeyta family filed a countersuit in response.

Picture this.

You awake in the morning, get out of bed, and walk two or three feet to your baby’s crib to pick him up and feed him like you do every morning. As you look into his crib, your heart skips a beat.

Your baby isn’t in his crib. The last place he was known to be and the last place you put him.

You search all over the house, calling out to his siblings to see if he’s in their bedroom with them. All to no avail. Your baby is gone.

Bernice Abeyta lived that nightmare and continues to live it almost 28 years later.

An unidentified person kidnapped seven-month-old Christopher Abeyta from his crib early on July 15, 1986. The beautiful blue-eyed baby boy’s crib was in his parents’ bedroom. They put him to bed around midnight, but Christopher was nowhere to be seen when morning came.

Christopher’s parents, Gil and Bernice Abeyta, called the police at 6:30 a.m. The garage door opener was missing, and the front and basement windows were open. Police found no evidence of a forced entry, mainly because the Abeytas unlocked the front door at night.

At first, the parents were suspects. They had been separated for a while but reunited on July 14, 1986, hours before their son’s abduction. Gil Abeyta slept in the house that night. However, both police eventually ruled them out.

Before Christopher’s disappearance, Gil had an affair with Emma Bradshaw. 

Emma Bradshaw/Facebook

This woman wasn’t playing with a full deck. She had previous harassing and stalking charges filed against her. Bradshaw became similar to Glenn Close’s character in the 1987 film “Fatal Attraction” with a married man who tried to end the relationship. 

According to court documents, Bradshaw entered the family’s home and took pictures off the wall. She sat outside their children’s school and threatened them. She was admitted to several Colorado mental health facilities in the 70s and 80s.

Six months after the abduction, an unknown person began calling the Abeyta residence and then hanging up. The calls stopped the day Christopher went missing and resumed several months afterward. The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) traced the calls to Bradshaw.

Even though it was OBVIOUS who took Christopher, the police never filed charges against Bradshaw. CSPD destroyed most of the case evidence.

The Abeyta family accused CSPD of negligence and incompetence in investigating Christopher’s disappearance. Christopher remains missing, and his family is still actively looking for him. You can follow them on Facebook.

Also, watch this video in which one of Christopher’s sisters shows the steps of the kidnapper.