We’re back up!

This blog went on a short hiatus so that I could do some updates and change things up a bit.

I took all of my “TCD’s Thoughts” that I included in most posts so far, and put them into separate posts titled, “TCD’s Thoughts”. I then put that category into the main navigation bar for easier access. That took far longer than I expected, because, well, I have a life lol. I can’t devote every single second to this blog, and I wouldn’t even if I could.

From now on, when I give my opinion on a case, it will go in a separate post. That way, for those certain whiny-ass people who do not care to read what I have to say about a case, they simply do not have to.  I think it makes the blog flow better as well.

I will not give my opinion on every single case I write about either.

I also want to make it clear AGAIN that this is MY blog and I say what I want to say. I write how I want to write. Don’t come here criticizing me on either one. I don’t have time or patience for negativity. Go to Twitter if you have something to bitch about. 😉

Haters are gonna hate, and I get that. The beauty of owning my own blog is that I do NOT have to deal with that bullshit. Delete, baby, yeah! Some people tell me to leave the negative comments. Well, I might, depending on what is being said. I respect people’s opinions, of course, but I am not going to tolerate me, my readers, or this blog being put down. I don’t force anybody to come to this blog and read what is on here.  If your opinion differs from mine, fine. But you can do it in a mature, positive manner. We’re all past the 3rd grade.

I hate to be such a bitch about it but I work hard on this blog.

Over time, I plan on adding more to the site. So, don’t be surprised if you come back again one day and it’s down for maintenance. I will always let you know in advance, if possible. It’s just easier for me to do what I need to do by having it down.




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