Wayne Douglas Bryan: Missing since 1995

Husband and father of two, Wayne Douglas Bryan was last seen on Coffee County Road 511 near New Brockton, Alabama on December 15, 1995. No one has seen or heard from his since.

About the Case

Wayne Douglas BryanAccording to law enforcement officials, Wayne had eaten lunch with his wife at home the day of his disappearance and then left to go work on a chicken house he was converting into a commercial quail house business. He had been a painter for years before deciding to go into the quail business (Brand and Kirkland, Southeast Sun).

At 4:00 p.m., Wayne’s wife, Evelyn and his mother arrived at the site, but he was nowhere to be found. The family notified the sheriff’s office at 3:30 p.m. on December 16.

Wayne’s late model pickup truck, keys, $800 in cash, and his dog were left behind. Wayne’s wallet was not in the truck and the cash was out of sight.

A neighbor who lived in the area of Wayne’s worksite told police he had heard the sound of hammering during the afternoon of the 15th.

There were reports of a small red car driven by a white male seen in the area at the time of Wayne’s disappearance as well, but follow-up by police led nowhere, as did subsequent air and foot searches conducted by police.

Law enforcement officials investigated this case as a homicide.

In 2000, police searched and drained an area of Little Double Bridges Creek off State Road 134, about three miles from where Wayne vanished. The search was unsuccessful.

Wayne Douglas Bryan - bridge

Wayne was 52 at the time of his disappearance. His wife, Evelyn, passed away in June 2014 at the age of 67.

Source: Southeast Sun

True Crime Diva’s Thoughts

I definitely do not believe Wayne left of his own accord; I think he was murdered. If he had left on his own, he would have taken the cash that was found inside his truck after his disappearance. He also would have taken personal belongings with him, and he did not.

New Brockton-Enterprise, Alabama area is relatively small. In 1995, total population for both towns was around 22,000. It is very possible and most likely, that Wayne knew his killer.

Wayne was a painter who would use the extra cash he earned to pay workers he occasionally hired to help him. Maybe he did not pay a certain individual and owed him money, and that person killed him when he went to retrieve it.

I found nothing on who these painters were or if they were ever questioned by police.

In April 2006, remains of another missing man in the New Brockton, AL area were found. Terry Allums, 36, of New Brockton, disappeared on the afternoon of July 25, 1998 after heading to a pond on the 13 acres of rural land he owned. His wife, Glenda reported him missing on July 28.

Police said foul play was not involved in Terry’s case, although I am not sure how they came to that conclusion. I wonder if they ever thought Wayne and Terry’s cases could be related. Two grown men disappeared in the afternoon from their own rural properties in the same county within three years of one another.

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