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As you may know, I am currently on hiatus from this blog to focus on other things. You may also know that from time to time, I MUST take a break from writing because of the subject matter. And you also may know that I struggle with keeping this blog from time to time as well. I’m so over that.

This break has helped me reflect on my life – online and offline – as well as the future of this blog. Stepping away has done wonders for me! As tempted as I was to let go of, I just can’t. I’ve had this blog for 6 years! But in those 6 years, I have endured a lot in my personal life. The worst being when I became a parent of a missing child. I’ve never really talked about it on here because it was the WORST time of my life to date. Thankfully, my child returned home, but the whole experience caused me grief, confusion, anger, and a hell of a lot more.  I went from writing about missing children to being the parent of one. I saw things from that point of view, and let me tell you, it changes you. I found it very hard to put any effort into this blog because of the subject matter and what I went through with my own child. I lost all interest in this blog.


Here I sit four years later, again questioning whether or not I have any passion left for this blog/subject matter.

The truth is, I do! I am not closing down this blog! I know if I let go, I’ll regret it, plus I do have loyal readers and I don’t want to disappoint them! However, the post format will be a little different. I am going to shorten the part about the case, so it’s more of a summary. Then, at the bottom of that, I will continue to give my thoughts on the case, only a shorter version of that as well. With all I have going on right now, the shorter the post, the better! I don’t know about you, but I hate long blog posts lol.

Also, I’ve decided to try to monetize this site so that any money earned can go to the upkeep of it. I would like to have a total site redesign at some point, and that costs quite a bit of money. I also thought if I could earn enough, I can donate part of the proceeds to a missing persons organization. I’ve wanted to be able to do that for so long. There are a few ways I can monetize – affiliate links, ebooks, advertising blocks, etc. I know some people are not going to like this but it’s my site, and any help I can get to keep running it, I’m going to do it. I just want to be upfront and honest with my readers.

In addition to the above, I have been trying to come up with a way to make this blog a little fun, even though the theme is dark. So, I’ve decided to combine my love of reading and writing into one. I am going to start a book review section of True Crime Diva! I will review true crime and crime fiction books and possibly offer book giveaways (other fun stuff, too)! I’m really excited about this new adventure with and hope you will love it, too! The book review will be like a blog within a blog so if you don’t want to see any of that, you don’t have to. I’ll simply link to it from this one.

I will be writing again and will start working on the book review section soon, so stay tuned! I will announce on Twitter when new posts/new section are up! Commenting will be allowed again once I start posting. I’m also going to start using Instagram soon, and possibly create a Facebook page. In addition to that, users will soon have the ability to subscribe to!

P.S. If you are the author of a true crime book or a book publisher and would like me to review your book on my upcoming new book review section of this site, please email I will be accepting books for review until further notice.

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