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Martin Allen
Martin Allen

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Obviously, Martin did not run away. He was planning on visiting his brother that day and there were no problems at home. The only items in his book bag were school books, a lunch box, and part of a model railway. He didn’t have any cash, or very little cash, because that is why he wanted to go home first before heading to Holloway to see Bob – to get money.

King's Cross Station, London
King’s Cross Station, London

We know that Martin did in fact get on the train from King’s Cross Station to Gloucester Road, which means that this unidentified male was on that train and used that moment to kidnap Martin. Instead of Martin getting off at his normal stop at Gloucester Road, he was forced to get on, what I am assuming is a different train to go to Earl’s Court Station. It’s definitely a moment of opportunity scenario. How he went about it is a mystery.

So, what was it about Martin that this man liked? Why was he taken and nobody else? Since Martin’s abduction, have any more children been taken from a London train or bus station during that time period? Why did they exit the train at Earl’s Court Station? Did the perp live nearby? Was he taking Martin to someone? Was he taken to the Elm Guest House?

November 5th, the day of Martin’s disappearance, was Guy Fawkes Night. Was there a party or other event at the Elm Guest House that night?

I don’t understand how only ONE witness came forward saying they saw Martin. Nobody else saw him at the train station? On the train? With the unidentified man? Walking on a street? Are you kidding me? Yes, I realize there were probably tons of schoolboys running around during that time of day. However, Martin was carrying a BRIGHT YELLOW school bag. I would think he would stand out just a little. But that’s just me. And honestly, who can say 100% that the witness did in fact see Martin? He looked like Martin but that doesn’t mean it was him.

What gets me the most about the sketch of the unidentified male is his hair. It was blonde and thick. None of the possible suspects mentioned above had blonde hair, that I can find, that is. I can’t believe nobody recognized this person.  I searched and searched to find someone matching his description but failed. But I did find this guy. He sort of resembles the man in the sketch and he would have been in his 30s in 1979.


His name is Victor Burnett and he was accused of child abuse in the 80s. According to, he was convicted of conspiracy to commit buggery. He was cleared of two charges of indecency with a child and one of buggery. The court heard Burnett, unemployed, used CB radio to attract youngsters. He was released from prison in 1996. Seriously? What is up with the short sentences in England???

Do I think Martin is alive? No. But there is always hope as long as there is no body recovered. However, I don’t think Martin would not have contacted his mother if he were still alive. I think all theories posted are good ones and any one of the persons of interest could have taken Martin. We may never know what happened to Martin. We can only hope that one day the truth will come out.

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    Please get in touch with me about the Martin Allen case.

  • David

    They were seen by quite a few witnesses, outside Gloucester Road Station, in the lift going down to the train, on the platform, getting out at Earls Court Station. Tey were then seen at both ends of the station, and near North End Road Market.