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Johnny Gosch
Johnny Gosch

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There is a ton of information on this case, with some articles going farther in-depth than I chose to go. I decided to stick to the basics of the case.

So, here’s what I have to say about it.

I find it a little strange that Johnny was able to leave his home without his parents knowledge. His dad should have been up and ready to go with him, as he always had done so in the past. Why wasn’t he ready on this day?

I definitely believe that Johnny was kidnapped, but whether or not it was to be sold into a pedophile ring, I’m not sure. I think it makes the most sense as to why he was abducted, and the sighting in Oklahoma of Johnny with two men show that it is definitely a possibility, I’m just not convinced that’s what happened here.

I think whoever kidnapped Johnny had to be watching him and his house for a while prior to the abduction, because how would he know Johnny delivered the paper and would be leaving early on a Sunday? How did the kidnapper know his dad wasn’t going to be with him? Was the dad involved?

It bothers me a bit that Johnny asked to go on this route himself when he never had been allowed to before. I am assuming, of course, that this really happened. Why all of a sudden did he want to go alone? I realize he was 12 and I’m sure he thought he was big enough and could handle it, but it’s just strange. The fact that he went alone even though his parents told him no makes me wonder – was he planning on meeting someone on his route? Maybe someone he ran into before who promised him money for a job or something, I don’t know. I’m reaching, I am aware, but it’s just weird that the ONE time he went by himself, he was kidnapped. It does make you wonder about his father, John Sr. Did he set up his own son’s kidnapping? Some people believe he was involved in it and the pedophile ring. He certainly hasn’t been as active as Noreen in the search for Johnny. Nothing would surprise me.

It’s interesting about what the witnesses said they saw. On, it talks about a conversation between Johnny and the driver, witnessed by other paperboys.

In a November 11, 2010 interview — the day before Johnny would have celebrated his 41st birthday — Johnny’s mother Noreen Gosch told WHO-TV Channel 13’s Aaron Brilbeck that several other paper boys, all witnesses to the abduction, said Johnny was approached by a man driving a blue Ford Fairmont.

“The guy shut off his engine, opened the passenger door and swung his feet out on the curb right where the boys were assembling their newspapers. And he started talking about where’s 86th street?” Ms. Gosch told Brilbeck. “Johnny turned to Mike and said, ‘I’ve got my papers loaded in the wagon. I’m scared. I’m getting out of here. I’m gonna head home.’”

As Johnny left, the driver of the car took off, too, the boys told police.

“The man pulled the door shut and started up the engine, but before he left he reached up and flicked the dome light three times. Then he pulled out and left,” Ms. Gosch said.

Some reports say Johnny was the one giving the man directions, but this report doesn’t mention that. Why would a guy asking for directions scare Johnny to the point he wasn’t going to finish his route? And if he truly was scared, why didn’t he just stay with the boys where he would have been safer than walk home all alone?

What happened to Johnny after he walked away is a bit unclear. I have read reports that do not mention this at all, and I have read some that say witnesses saw two men grab Johnny and hold him down in the back seat of a Ford Fairmont before the car sped away. Where did the two men come from? The paperboys didn’t mention seeing them when the driver stopped and asked for directions. And where did the actual abduction take place? Let’s say that there were 3 men involved. This doesn’t make sense to me because there are only two composite sketches that were released – the one of the driver of the Fairmont and the other one of “Tony”. Where is the composite sketch of the 3rd kidnapper? Was it Paul Bonacci?

This case makes me dizzy.


If it was a pedophile ring, wouldn’t more boys have disappeared during this time from this area? There were only 3 that I am aware of – Johnny in 1982, Eugene Martin in 1984, and Marc James-Warren Allen in 1986. It is the opinion of this author that all three cases are related.

As I was reading through Johnny’s website, something caught my eye. Well, actually a couple of pictures. See below. The one on the left is of an unidentified boy who Noreen is hoping someone will identify one day. The picture in the middle is Johnny Gosch after he was taken, according to Noreen. The picture on the right is of Timothy David Martin Cox who was arrested in 2007 for running an Internet chat room that was part of a pedophile ring.


Is it my imagination or could this be the SAME person? Look at their eyes and noses! The boys are very similar in appearance to Cox. Now Wikipedia says Cox was born in 1979 and had been living with his parents, sister, and 26-year-old girlfriend. So, I don’t know, but I can’t get over how much Cox looks like the boys in these pictures. Also, we have no idea when the first two pics were taken. The boy on the left looks to be around 10. I’m just guessing. Cox would have been 10 in 1989. You never know.

Now, look at the pics below. The first one (left) shows a school pic of Johnny before he disappeared. The one on the right is the same one above, supposedly of Johnny after he was taken.


I do not believe that is Johnny on the right. These two boys look nothing alike at all. Johnny has freckles splashed across his nose, but the other boy does not. Johnny’s hair is darker. The nose on the boy on the right is different than Johnny’s, too. Johnny’s bottom lip appears fuller than the boy’s on the right. The overall shape of Johnny’s face is different than the other boy. Also, it appears Johnny had a small gap between his two front teeth. The kid on the right doesn’t have one.

Now, look at another pic below. The one on the left is the unidentified boy Noreen hopes to identify someday. The one on the left is another pic of Johnny AFTER his abduction, again, according to his mother.


To me, they are the same boy. He’s just a tad bit older in the pic on the right. The eyes and the nose are what gets me. I do think the boy on the left bears a striking resemblance to Cox. But I don’t believe for one second that the boy on the right in the red sweat pants is Johnny.


Did Johnny really visit his mother in 1997? What was the point of the visit if he couldn’t come home for good? If you feared it was a very dangerous situation to go home for good, then why would you take the chance on a short visit? And why has he not returned since? Noreen had said that Johnny managed to escape his captors to come visit her. Well, he was around 27 years old then. In my opinion, his captors would have thought he was too old at that point and could very well have killed Johnny before he turned 25. I don’t believe he would have remained with his captors at that age.

Noreen said that she knew immediately it was Johnny, but in some interviews she stated his appearance had been altered via plastic surgery. So, how would she know immediately that this man was her son?


About five years ago, the internet was rampant with rumors that American conservative columnist, Jeff Gannon, was really Johnny Gosch. But if you compare pics of Johnny to Gannon, there really isn’t that much of a similarity. I think people are so desperate to find Johnny that they grab on to any theory that comes their way. And no, I don’t buy that he had plastic surgery.

If you really want to read more in-depth info on this pedophile ring, Google “The Franklin Cover-Up”.

UPDATE: 9/11/16: Last night I watched the documentary, Who Took Johnny? on Netflix. I thought maybe it would help me understand this case better, but nope. I still feel the same. I feel like Johnny was targeted because there were other boys in that area on their paper routes, yet Johnny was the one the guy in the car kept talking to. He was the one who was abducted. Why Johnny? Why not one of the other boys?

I loved that John Gosch, Sr. was on there. However, I felt he came across as just a normal guy in an interview, not a father whose son is missing and has been missing for over 30 years. He has never believed the pics sent to Noreen were of Johnny. He and I are in agreement there.

It does appear that the police and FBI have never wanted to investigate this case, which I think is pure bullshit. You have a job to do assholes, so just freaking do it. What good are you if you don’t?

If you haven’t watched the documentary, please do. It was very good and tastefully done. I am so glad they didn’t include the Jeff Gannon crap in it.


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  • beachgirl

    The lack of enthusiasm from police to solve this case is suspicious. Also, the make up & hair thing, is a self soothing response. When doctors said I needed emergency c section to save my baby, I put on make up first, in the operating room! Wen my.husband died unexpectedly, I was numb, i didn’t cry or get hysterical, I put on makeup. Whatever most of you THINK you would do wen tragedy hits, all your thinking at first is “this is not real, its not really happening” Doing a routine activity, like hair & make up, keeps your mind from shattering in pieces.

    • I know first hand how a mother of a missing child NORMALLY acts – I was a mess. Very emotional, crying all the time. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I looked like shit and didn’t care. Yes, everyone grieves differently yada yada yada. I get that. But to show absolutely NO emotion ever, well, I don’t want to hear that’s how she grieves. This wasn’t HER having surgery or her husband dying. Her SON was MISSING.

  • Jeff

    The captive pictures in this blog look most like Eugene Martin.

  • Jjilp

    In the book why Johnny can’t come home it is believed that Johnny’s father owed some people money. He sold Johnny to them to resolve the debt. His father goes with him everyday and on this day he did not. The father also received a call in the early morning that he was abducted. He whispered during this phone conversation and when Doreen asked who it was he claimed it was a wrong number.

  • Lara

    Watch the (pulled) Discovery documentary Conspiracy of Silence about the Franklin coverup. You will understand so much more. You should also search Ted Gunderson’s talk on YouTube. He was the head of the FBI in CA and believed Johnny Gosch was absolutely taken by that same pedophilia ring. By every appearance, there was a massive cover up that involved the police, state government officials, Washington elite, and the FBI itself. They would fly boys form Boys Town orphanage in Nebraska to various places, including the White House, for child prostitution. Gunderson was later found dead… cause of death according to his good friend who was a doctor was arsenic poisoning. ThIs is so much bigger than anyone knows… and it goes on in very government. Just google “pedophile ring” and any almost country you want. You’ll be horrified.

  • Sandi

    So many great thought provoking comments! I to don’t believe Johnny visited Noreen but I do agree with the comment that some things Noreen said and did were calculated embellishments to keep her son’s case at a higher profile so he wouldn’t be forgotten. I do remember her saying that one reason he wouldn’t return (aside from fearing he would be killed) was because he was involved in criminal activity, meaning he could be prosecuted, jailed and would be a registered sex offender, just like Paul B. is. And while I don’t think it was really him, I do think that would be true if there is a pedophile sex ring he was taken to be part of, now that he is an adult. I have no doubt that with the way the police handled the whole matter in the beginning that they would arrest him before they’d rescue him if he was still alive. But I don’t believe Johnny is still alive. However, if I were his mother, I would never stop looking for him either. Not knowing where he is has got to be the most agonizing, painful torment a parent can ever experience.
    I don’t understand why Noreen is picked on by some because she wears makeup and has her hair done. In my opinion that’s rather childish or catty. Until a person is in the situation she’s in, they really don’t have a clue how they would act or what they would do. I didn’t even want to mention this but I’ve seen so many comments claiming if their child was missing they wouldn’t be putting on makeup or doing their hair. And perhaps they wouldn’t, but they aren’t Noreen, nor is she them and everyone is different. I for one have no idea what I’d do or how I would be if I were in her position. And I think we can all agree that none of us want to be where she is, still missing her 12 year old son who was taken from his family 34 years ago.
    John Walsh knows Noreen, I saw something a while back where he was acknowledging that he has a relationship with her and crediting her for keeping her son’s case so high profile in the public eye. I can’t remember what else he said, but he is supportive of her and if anyone can feel her pain, it’s him. I would like to know more of his thoughts about the case. I’m going to do some research and see if I can find the article where he was talking about Johnny’s case.
    Thank you True Crime Diva for such a great web site. It’s nice to have a platform where people are intelligent and respectful and can share their thoughts. Kudos to all the people commenting for sharing their perspectives and insight! This is brainstorming at it’s best! TCD, you rock!

  • Sadie

    I remember this story in bits and pieces through the years,but watched the Netflix docu to get the whole story. I think Johnny, along with the two other boys who were abducted years later, were abducted by the same man. I’m not sure if I believe the pedophile ring was involved but it’s possible. I definately don’t believe the dad was involved. I think it was one of those decisions one makes, and lives to regret. I think Johnny may have been spooked, I just wish that neighbor would have told him to stay with him and called his parents but Johnny spoke long enough for the abductor to zero in on him. I think the abductor would have chosen any one of those boys but Johnny being alone was an easier mark. I don’t believe it was Johnny who came back to see his mother. I think it was someone who enjoyed tormenting his mother. I think Johnny was killed shortly after his abduction. He lived no longer then a week. I’m sure of two things: the police dropped the ball and Noreen is one helluva woman!

  • Laurie

    What did the dad say about the visit in the middle of the night? Was dad home to witness? If not, does he believe this happened? Thanks for the site! Great write-up! I have so many questions about this case.

    • Allyson

      In response to your question, no the dad and mom had split up by then and he wasn’t living there at that time. He doesn’t believe it was their son, that she ALONE claimed had visited with her. He(dad) did an interview and he told the reporter that he didn’t believe his son had returned home for any visit after his disappearnce.The mom was the ONLY one to made this claim, the only one who he(Johnny) saw… according to her, and her book. As far as the photos, they all have been solved. It was NOT Johnny. All of this can be easily researched online, it’s been debunked. It is NOT Johnny G, it’s no longer any doubt, except for ‘certain types” like conspiracy theorist,or someone trying to make a buck off it somehow.I actually believe that Johnny was most likely killed very soon after his abduction. I also don’t believe that his father had anything to do with his disappearnce, except when it comes to negligence (for allowing him to be alone for his paper route.) The mom seems to be an attention seeker, who has created more non-sense out of her son’s kidnapping and disappearnce, than logic. Imagine the time and effort put forth with these conspiracy theories in this case, that could have actually been used toward something beneficial instead. Her(Noreen’s) behavior has actually deflected any REAL searches for truth now, by chasing after non-sense and delusional ideas.

  • McGingepants

    I came across the documentary Who Took Johnny last night, and it left me with many mixed emotions. First, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare, to know that your child is missing, then to have law enforcement to nonchalantly treat this case as a runaway, added another level to this horrific scenario. Even if Johnny was a runaway, HE WAS 12 YEARS OLD, didn’t law enforcement think that would pose imminent danger for him? How was a 12 year old suppose to survive on his own? Would a 12 yo runaway leave his newspapers and dog behind on the street?

    I admire the determination and fight of Johnny’s parents to bring attention to his case and to bring him home. It’s sad and infuriating to see that the local law enforcement didn’t want to take this case seriously; they were clearly too lazy and incompetent to handle a missing child’s case, and they were too stubborn to admit their short comings even after evidence pointed to a child abduction. They were unable to grasp the keyword “child”, Johnny was twelve, they treated this case as if he was an older teen who decided to leave and capable of surviving and defending himself. Then the media became more focused on the odd behavior of the mom, than focusing on solving this case. It amazes me how people are still passing judgement because of the way that the mother dressed and styled her hair when Johnny went missing. For some people that is part of their everyday routine, like washing the face, brushing teeth, or making morning coffee. Regardless of whether you find her behavior bizarre or you feel that she wasn’t upset enough, one thing for sure is that Johnny and his parents deserved better. I admire Ms. Gosch’s tenacity to not allow Johnny’s plight be forgotten, and we should all be grateful to her, because of her insistence, law enforcement handles missing children cases differently than they did in the 80s. I do find Ms. Gosch’s behavior and claims eccentric at times, but that doesn’t mean that her feelings aren’t valid. As far as their marriage falling apart, that isn’t unusual when tragedy occurs in a household. While one is consumed and obsessed with finding the truth, the other partner may be ready to accept that the child is dead, and though the nightmare never ends, they are ready to place it on the backburner and move forward with their life.

    I didn’t find it at all strange that Johnny was abducted the one morning that his father didn’t go with him, only that it was bad luck for Johnny. I think that the man or men who abducted him that morning wasn’t in the neighborhood looking specifically for Johnny, only a young paperboy. Let’s face it, the early hours of a Sunday morning was a perfect time for a pedophile to find a victim. Most people are still in bed and not around to observe any wrongdoing, and many weekend paper routes at that time were delivered by unchaperoned adolescents.

    I don’t support the human trafficking ring story, I’m not saying that it isn’t true, only that I feel that that it was a pedophile living in the area or very familiar with the area. I don’t think the father was involved, and feel sorry that he is the subject of many conspiracy theories. If he wanted to sell his son to human traffickers, he could have done that in a less conspicuous manner. He fought to bring attention to his son’s abduction, and if I heard correctly, the parents went broke trying to solve the case. I believe that Ms. Gosch’s life revolved and still does revolve around Johnny’s disappearance, and Mr. Gosch came to realize that either Johnny is dead and that they’ll never uncover the truth, and he needed to move forward instead of being stuck and spending his life crusading on his son’s disappearance. Neither party is wrong, each moved in a different direction in order to cope with this horrendous event.
    I believe that Ms. Gosch may need help or more professional help to deal with her son’s disappearance, I think she is grasping at any theory to strengthen her belief that Johnny is alive. And perhaps that is a mechanism that keeps her moving forward instead of giving up and being consumed by grief. Again, I’m not judging her, I can’t imagine the pain that she has suffered, only that I’m saddened that she feels that her former husband could be involved in the case. Again, she may be eccentric and over the top, but that doesn’t make her feelings and pain less valid. I hope that the documentary about Johnny’s disappearance will bring attention once again to this case, and that it will finally be solved.

  • stealthraider

    I find it very strange that Noreen and John Snr has opposing opinions on whether the pictures are of their own son, Johnny. Looking at the pics I don’t believe they are of Johnny – wish I could compare earlobes from pics. I believe Johnny was abducted as he was the boy who willingly spoke to the driver/passenger on request of directions and that’s the only reason. I believe Paul Bonacci was involved in the abduction of Johnny at the time and learnt of his Yoga/mediation hobby connection there and then but I don’t think he was in contact with Johnny following that abduction. I think Paul may enjoy the attention through claiming he knew Johnny afterwards. The claim that Noreen met Johnny again as he visited the house raises questions within me. Was someone playing a trick on her? If she states the photos are of Johnny, her son when it was not him then she is not a credible witness to me. At he end of the day Bonacci and Noreen through their awful experiences has exposed the peodophile networks that exist in society and this can only be a good thing.

  • Debbie

    Hello Truecrimediva –
    Jeffery Gannon had a scar and a birth mark that matched Johnny Gosch for placement on his body.
    The picture of this person of Timothy David Martin Cox does look like the boy in this picture. When a child is abducted in the occult, they become programmed to become sex and drug traffickers. Often believing that they were being victimized made it okay for them to victimize others. The multiple first names that was given to him were multiple personalities given to them through MK Ultra programming and often they will change their names for convince of hiding their real identity.

  • Pat

    Hello! So many posts here are not including some important facts, and as such their analysis is missing the bigger picture. First i only know this case from netflix and the breakdown from the blog. I just finished watching and googled for more info. I may make a comment that has already been discussed and not know it. You are running a great website. I also appreciate that people are being respectful and actually having a discussion.
    It is 1982. Many are commenting without really appreciating that what we know and do today was not happening then. The situation was extremely rare and the police insanely unprepared to handle it. This case is why we see better statements from parents and officers and how to speak through the media. Cut the parents a little slack. We don’t know what is going on in their heads and how we would handle it. More importantly they were being dismissed as crazy from the very people who should have been helping them. Now what do they do?
    Noreen: she inadvertently did explain why she was acting the way she was. After the tornado, then thinking her children had been killed, then her husband dying, she wanted to stay on the couch. However, she had to pull it together for her kids. She had to compartmentalize the pain and that never ends well. One thing i noticed while watching is she never yells and screams or raises her voice. She just explains it as fact. To me that was a sign to her son that if he was seeing her interviewed he knew by her tone she was going to fight to find him. She couldn’t get hysterical… she had to show strength and get through the day.
    I do not believe her son ever visited her. What she caught onto fairly quickly is what she needed to do to keep the case alive and in people’s minds. The more sensational the better. I absolutely believe she made embellishments but i think they were calculated.
    I still do not understand why his father did not go with him. This was their routine and they said no to him going alone. It just seems off.
    The police and fbi response is at least worrisome and at worst criminal. You go talk to friends and family of a person saying they committed a crime ten years ago and expect them to remember? It’s not like it was a to do list. They have given no plausible explanation to this day. Even knowing all we know now about kidnappings and trafficking their, heels in the ground attitude, is something that bothers me to my core. Why did they attempt to stop the trial?
    It is not far fetched to believe Bonacci and johnny were able to form a trust. We don’t know the circumstances. Bonacci very well could have been forced to molest johnny which then puts them both in the same boat as victims. Look at elizabeth smart and the other woman who was living in the backyard in tents. It is survival. You have been masterfully manipulated and you start doing what you have to.
    I am confused by the statement that she still believes the police waited to long…. i didn’t think that was disputed
    What happened to her other two children? Did I missaomething?

    • Hi Pat and welcome! Glad you like the site! 🙂 Thank you for commenting! I am glad we are able to act like adults here!

      Actually, child abductions were happening back then all over the United States. The media just didn’t report it as they do today, which is why abductions may seem rare. I do think Johnny’s case is unique due to the circumstances. I think it was the Adam Walsh case that opened peoples eyes.

      I wondered about her other two children, too. Honestly, I didn’t even know she had other children, and I’ve read a lot on this case! I also didn’t know she was married before. But most of the reading I have done involves Johnny, of course. Not Noreen so much.

  • Howard

    Great Job on compiling your facts I think there was a serial pedophile living and working in the Des Moines area for years. This story has always bothered my wife and myself it seems that around that time everything went to hell in the U.S. prior to then you just took it for granted that your neighborhoods were safe. Now as grandparents it seems all we do is worry. Thanks for your thoughtful and informative presentation. Our prayers go out to all the families involved.

  • Diane Lindsay

    It pains me to say this..but I truly believe little Johnny Gosch is now deceased. Especially since they now found Jacob Wetterling. These “animals” (I don’t even consider them human), that took poor Johnny, I’m sure did use him for prostitution and porn films. That poor child, what he had to endure. I hope he has found some peace, alive or deceased now. God bless his family and I truly wish we could find out what happened to this child. It really has always haunted me ever since I first read about this case.

    • I believe he is dead, too, Diane. I also believe it happened way before 1997 when he supposedly paid a visit to Noreen.

  • Nicole

    I watched the Netflix documentary, and this has blown my mind to what is going on within the elite. I never even heard of this story until i switched it on to Netflix. i began then Looking at the tube clips of statements etc, and Paul Bonnacci’s events at Bohemian Grove have sickened me to the core. I have seen comments in regards to how is Mother should of been in tears and why was she wearing a full face of Make-up, is a ridiculous statement to make – Who knows how you would re-act under these circumstances, and Im sure behind closed doors she has had many a melt down. I saw on the documentary that she has done yoga for 40 years so I’m sure this type of meditation has helped her through her darkest days. God bless her for waking up each day and still fighting on to uncover these animals who run our countries. This is global and going on everyday all over the world and the power that be are running the show. I hope she gets the closure she deserves, or maybe already has.

  • bob

    that’s a girl with the white straps (different lips, teeth, non-freckled, as u pointed out) and she’s wearing a very feminine necklace/chain.

  • Daniemmdee

    I feel like you’re reaching, as you admitted. If this had taken place in the 90s or 2000s, i would be tempted to agree about his planning to meet with someone. However I don’t think that’s the case. I think he was indeed abducted by two+ people as the eye witnesses account. I think that you’re not considering that yes, this boy was 12 and was on a paper route with other pre-teen boys (who did not have their fathers tagging along) and like any child, he would be at the age to seek independence, especially when there are peers around who have it. He left alone because that’s what children do when they seek independence and it is denied by parental figures. It’s not fair for you to blame his father based on mere speculation, especially since you “didn’t care to dig deeper than the surface.” If you’re going to point fingers like that, i think it would at least be fair to the family to know all of your information before hand.
    I think after digging deep, that he was indeed kidnapped for a child sex ring that absolutely involved politicians and other figureheads. It would explain the lack of police work and complete negligence. I think Johnny most likely did not come home in 1997. While I believe Noreen is a strong woman and mother, who has been nothing less than admirable in these terrible circumstances, I don’t think these people would have given him the opportunity to show himself in such a way. I think she saw what she wanted to, which is understandable, considering all she suffered and how hard she worked for her son. I think Paul B was there. I believe most of what he has said and I believe JG may still be alive, and if for any reason he is not, it’s because he got too old to “use.” This entire case is horrible. Everything from start to finish is devistating and I think based on case knowledge, the documentary did a good job summarizing the nearly 35 year story that was to be told. Shame on the law enforcement agencies that didn’t do their jobs.

  • Marie

    I just thought I would mention that if you look at the teeth of Johnny in the photo comparisons that there is a remarkable similarity with the teeth of the boy’s smile in the picture next to it. There is a little space that is evident in the the profile shot since one is looking more directly at the camera and the other is looking more in a profile direction. The picture to the right of Johnny has similar teeth structure, and even though there is not a lot to show of the teeth, they are the same size and shape, and arrangement. I am talking about the comparison with Johnny and the boy in the photo side by side. The lighting would make a huge difference in the visibility of the freckles and you can see freckles on the boy with the blue gag. Profile shots can often alter the appearance of a nose as seen in the difference even from the blue gag to the red gag. The eyebrows are the same also. I see more similarities in these pictures that are visible upon close inspection. I would consider them to be pictures of Johnny most definitely from this perspective.

  • Slueth

    There is a new revolation in this case. Within the last week a man posted at that he was employed as a paperboy at the same newspaper Johnny worked at during the same time frame. He implicates one of the managers supervising the paperboys as being a pedophile. The man is currently a registered sex offender. He says the manager bought the paperboys beer and often tried to lure them to his house. He told the boys he had friends that would pay $100 for them to pose nude. He claims Dago looking man known as Emillio who kidnapped Johnny was close friends with this manager.

    • Thanks for the info. I went over to the site and read the comments he made. He sounds sincere and truthful but who knows. However, I think what he is saying about Johnny makes more sense that what Noreen has said about his case, that’s for sure.

    • Sleuth

      When posting this I did not know Dago was a derogatory term used to describe an olive skinned person with black hair. Usually of Mediteranian descent. It was a word I heard my parents use and it was never used in a derogatory way. Perhsps they didnt know it was derogatory. It was just a quick way to describe someone. Hope I am not offending anyone because it surely isnt meant to be that way.

      • No, you’re fine. I didn’t know it was a derogatory term either. 🙂

  • I feel as if the police was involved. How could have he run away but start his route that morning why not run away during the night while his parents was asleep. Its sad how sick men can be when it comes to children..

    • I’ve always wondered that, too! It was obvious that he was abducted. Their refusal to investigate this case speaks volumes.

      • Sleuth

        On the Friday night before Johnny disappeared , Johnny was seen under the bleachers at a high school football game talking to a cop. Upon leaving Mrs.Gosch saw the cop and mentioned she saw their conversation under the bleachers. Johnny just shrugged it off and gave no explanstion.

  • sorry for your loss

    I googled johnny Gosch because I am watching the documentary right now and came across this website.

    • Welcome! 🙂 What did you think of the documentary?

  • Marilyn

    You are an idiot.

    • And you are just a troll who I care nothing about. Thank you for your lovely comment. 🙂

  • SThompson

    So has any of the detectives looked at what was in the back ground of these photos, to see if he was possibly anywhere inside anyones home in the surrounding area. Look at one picture it has a cat. Does anyone own a cat like that? Or anyone they know have a cat like that? How about the other picture the one with baseball convention? Or whatever it said. Im sorry but i do not believe any of this. Why on the day that his Dad didnt go with him,he ends up missing? I think all the paperboys were being watched for awhile to see if which one could be most vulnerable.

    • Guest

      I am apalled that Paul Bonaacci’s court testimony when asked how did they know johnny would be alone that morning, he said prior arrangements with johnnys father. Noreen has been vocal about this why wasnt this mentioned in this documentary that she agreed to work with.

      So weird the father is in this documentary like nothing ever happened, this documentary didnt even mention the father using a look a like of his wife behind her back.

      What is going on? I don’t get it why Noreen didnt mention all of this as she has been so vocal about in other interviews.

      Eugenes father ex military… Johnnys father ex marine… Pat Ramsey ex Marine too… Are they just mind controlled victims too??? Or is Noreen ordered to be silenced regarding that important statement made in court

  • First and foremost, if Johnny planned on running away, why wouldn’t he just leave without doing his paper route at all on the singular day his dad didn’t accompany him. The news interview of Noreen a short time after the disappearance of her child, there are two mysterious aspects to consider. One, she has meticulously styled her hair and applied her makeup for the cameras. Tell me a woman exasperated in mourning who does this. To top it off, her eyes dart around desperately while speaking. “We’re leaving the porch light on every night,” she says before smiling, “Mom’s are like that.” What woman in her right mind would give a smile amidst her plea of desperation? And why is she categorizing herself in a group of moms? Her situation SHOULD feel lonely and afraid, not part of a togetherness club of moms. Also, note that she doesn’t speak to or mention the man whom supposedly took their son, but speaks as if he DID run away by saying she’ll leave the porch light on for him. In a kidnapping position, I’m unsure of what relevance leaving a porch light on means. My thoughts are he got into a fight with his dad that morning, so his dad said he wasn’t going with him. When Noreen found out about the argument, she went after Johnny and got him into the car to talk. Anger consumed her and she hit him too hard or strangled him. They got rid of the body, one of a gazillion ways, to prevent being found out by evidence. Now this synopsis may not be true, but considering what’s been reported, it’s more likely than their story.

    • You know, I’ve never really seen any images of Noreen visibly upset over Johnny being missing. I’ve seen parents who are just completely shattered because their child is missing. She never appeared to be. Maybe she handles grief differently, I don’t know. It’s just strange.

      I don’t believe for a second that Johnny ran away. I believe he was abducted and murdered. Even if he was part of a pedophile ring, he would have ended up dead once he was of no use to them anymore. I do not believe Johnny visited Noreen in 1997. I think she made that up for whatever reason.

      • Debbie

        I seen Noreen crying and people deal with pain differently.

    • Aric Smith

      It was 1982! for crying out loud! the lady still has her hair fancy as she did back then! It’s who she is! …the smile yea…that would confuse me too…I didn’t see any crying from them…hmm???

    • Debbie

      You need to watch “Who Took Johnny” before coming off with some bogus ideas about Noreen killing her own child. There is too many victims coming forward and testifying of Johnny Gosch is living. You need to research Paul Bonaacci and Alisha Owens witnessed Johnny Gosch living until they both were put in jail back in late 80s.

    • JCB

      I appreciate your perspective; however, it just isn’t plausible. Eyewitnesses never mention seeing either parent that morning. And why would Noreen continue this crusade for 40 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars if she knows he is dead (because she killed him, according to your theory)?

  • The one point that is so clear and unequivocally concerning is the abduction took place the ONE singular morning Johnny’s dad was not with him + the police insisted he’d run away from home, abandoning his wagon with papers and refusing to search for 72 hours.

    During the interview, Noreen’s eyes move quickly and unfocused throughout as if she’s afraid of looking at the camera. Finally, she says, “We’re leaving the porch on every night….” her eyes glint away ever so briefly when she finishes with, ” …mom’s are like that.” And smiles. It’s as if she’s classifying herself in a group of women who have had their children stolen. What woman in her right mind is going to be begging for her abducted child while smiling? Her makeup is on and her hair is done. What was she thinking while she applied the makeup to her face–what the audience would think of her? Do women really primp for the camera when they’re concerned about the loss of their children? I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass what I looked like if my child was missing.

    Unsure if it’s a money thing or something else, I am confident the parents know something they aren’t acknowledging.

    • Hi MJ!
      I am with you on this. I do think the parents know something, and I think it’s possible, as I said in my post, that Johnny’s father was part of it. I don’t think this was a random kidnapping. The abductors knew who Johnny was before they took him. Maybe this we set up by the parents for whatever reason. I’ve noticed that Noreen is not active on her website anymore. She rarely updates it. The last time was April 2015.

      Apparently, there is a documentary called Who Took Johnny on Netflix. I’m going to watch that tonight.

    • I wouldn’t go so far as to think Noreen had something to do with Johnny’s disappearance, but I too felt it unnerving and bizarre that here is a mother who’s is making a plea for her son’s life after he was snatched right off his neighborhood streets and disappeared without a trace, yet she found time, and thought it important, to completely make up her face and have her hair looking like she just left the beauty parlor. A strange priority if you ask me. But then again, I guess everyone handles grief differently so l cannot say how I would act in such a horrible situation.
      I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but her alleged visit from Johnny 15 years later makes no sense what so ever. What parent would keep that a secret? What parent would let their child just leave again after being with them only an hour after not seeing them for 15 years? He would have been an adult in 1997, it’s very unlikely he would have “gone back” to his abductors if he had escaped at the age of 27. And very sadly, and I hate to say this, but the police dept’s incompetence lost any chance of ever recovering Johnny, as many police dept’s do, by doing nothing in the first 24 hours after an abduction. According to, between 88 to 99% of children abducted by predators are murdered within the first twenty four hours.
      The disappearance of a child is enough to make any parent loss their mind. That’s probably what happened to Noreen. It was a disgrace the horrible way she and her family were treated by the Des Moines police dept. and the FBI. I feel such sorrow for the Gosch family and all the families who have their children stolen from them and/or vanish without a trace.

      • Yeah, the makeup thing is weird, I agree. Who cares what you look like when your child is missing? I wanted to see more emotion from her and John Gosch, Sr as well.

        I don’t believe that Johnny visited her in 1997. IF he was truly in danger, why would he go home? And why hasn’t he been back since? He’d be in his late 40s now, so I can’t imagine this ring cares what he knows or says anymore. The way this case has gone, not sure many would believe him anyway.

        The FBI is a disgrace with this case, and don’t even get me started on Des Moines PD. Poor excuse for a PD.

        • Cricket

          Honestly, sometimes a grieving person is on autopilot and does what they always do just to keep actually moving and breathing. If she always put on makeup and did her hair, continuing to do that does not make her suspicious in my mind. Sometimes you literally just walk through your whole routine in a fog. And she believed Johnny had been kidnapped, so why not appeal to him through the camera? And making the comment about moms might have been her way of trying to appeal to the public and make them remember she is a MOM, a mom who has a missing son.

          • Yes, that is true about grief. Everyone handles it differently, but the public expects a mother to show some emotion when her child is missing. That’s probably why she’s being judged over it.

      • Jazzykatt

        Those were the times when appearance was everything. Many people don’t have complete public meltdowns even though they are breaking apart inside. Her beauty routine was a routine that brought her comfort. It was probably something she did every day and when her life got completely turned upside, she need a sense of normalcy to keep her sanity. You have to understand that it was important for her to keep her composure in front of the media. She became like a soldier who was on a mission, and that mission was finding her son. You can either get up and fight or lie down and die. She chose to fight and has not stopped all of these years later. She is a strong woman and gave those inadequate law enforcement officers a run for their money. Nobody was helping her so she had to help herself.

    • Aric Smith

      She is probably a wealthy lady, she drives a Cadillac DTS now it showed on the news, she probably comes from a a rich upbringing, I had an aunt who would always wear makeup, even at 95 years old she would not answer the door without it! she was always concerned about her looks, and driven Caddys all her life, she was very wealthy!…it was just her, and not to mention like I said in an earlier post, it was 1982! the 80’s were a decade of people dressing up looking fancy and educated and going all out, I think the lady looked very nice and well kept, her hair and makeup was very well done, she took pride in herself and looked very nice I think, we should not judge her on her looks, as I had another aunt who was a catholic (they both were Catholics lol) but anyway she always wore heavy makeup and done here hair too and her daughter was in a car accident (but lived) and was 19 at the time and was rushed to the St. Louis Barnes emergency room back in the early 1980’s and it was around midnight and yes grabbed her curling iron and started to place on all her makeup just to go to the ER in the middle of the night, she was always fixed up no matter were she went, …that was probably a little too extreme, but I have seen the pictures on the documentary and her Noreen today and believe she is just a fancy lady and always have been, but I agree the smiling about how moms leave the porch lights on sounds a little odd why there would be a smile, when I was watching the documentary I was a little confused by the smile, but also shy would she go to police and beg, etc. and still push it today, that is confusing too, that dad did seem a little uninterested about it, but she has been pushing this for 30 plus years….either the woman is sincere and honest or she is a good actress! But overall I think her story is true otherwise she would not be running to the police is she was hiding something she would drop it! How could she live with herself and continue to ask for police help is she was a suspect?

    • Carrie white

      This is disgusting. Her appearance was part of her daily routine. She styled her hair and wore makeup and dressed nice because that’s the type of woman she is. A frump would continue to be a frump and a classy lady would continue to be a classy lady. She had to be strong and keep herself composed because a person can’t keep their head straight during a crisis if they sink into despair and resign to being an emotional mess. Again, that’s also just the type of person she is – composed and not controlled by emotions. Unfocused eyes? Could that be because she’s anxious and obsessing over what her son might be going through? Could that be because she’s fighting the urge to have a breakdown? The fact that she didn’t let herself go and allow grief to destroy her is a testament to her determination, perseverance, and dedication in regards to her son’s case and surviving after such a tragedy. She could’ve handled it like a Patsy Ramsey, breaking down and taking sedatives, but that’s not how she handles grief. Also, she had been through tragedy before, losing her home to a tornado, losing her first husband to cancer. She almost allowed grief to destroy her then, but she got up and fought through it.. Shame on everyone for bringing up how she looked. Everyone handles loss differently, everyone grieves differently. And we never saw Noreen Gosch behind closed doors. We don’t know how many tears she cried and how she handled her son’s disappearance in her private moments. Bringing her appearance into it is absurd. If she had been an emotional mess like Patsy Ramsey, then you’d say she was faking it.

      • Yes, everyone grieves differently, but the MOTHER of a missing child is very emotional at that time and beyond. I know this for a fact. Grief doesn’t have to break you down. It can make you stronger but showing absolutely NONE? NOT NORMAL. I’d rather see her an emotional mess than an unemotional robot, and I don’t think I’m alone in that.

        I think people here in the comments are bitching too much about what has been said of Noreen’s appearance. Take a look at other mothers of missing children when they’re in front of the camera soon after the disappearance. There is nothing normal about Noreen or how she handled any of this, and I don’t think we should ignore that.

  • None

    The boy in the red pants has arch in bridge of nose. The other pic, I think black pants, has a dip, ski slope nose. Not same kid but very similar.

  • The pictures that Noreen claim to be Johnny are DEFINITELY Cox. 100%. I understand her broken heart and desire to hold onto any hope for Johnny but, that is just not her son in those pictures. So sad.

    • No, it isn’t. 🙁 I believe Johnny is deceased and most likely died shortly after his abduction. There were no sightings of him afterwards that I am aware of.

  • In Des Moines in the mid 80’s, It was very common for paper boys to be out without parents accompanying them. There were lots of us… Being a paper boy was a sought after gig and routes were prized possessions among pre-teen and teen boys. I never bought the pedo ring story. I think the perp is from Des Moines and he took Gosch and Eugene Martin. Their bodies are probably less than 10 miles from where they were taken. Buried in someone’s basement.

    • Phil,
      I believe you. It was a different time and parents back then didn’t worry like they do now. I remember having a paper route with my older sister. We lived in a smaller area but we didn’t even give it a thought to do the route by ourselves.

      I tend to believe the perp is from Des Moines, too. I am just not convinced about the pedophile ring. Of course, I don’t rule it out because I do not know what happened to Johnny. But if this were a ring, I would think more boys, and even girls, would have disappeared at the same time in the same manner.

      • What made this worse is The Des Moines Register. They are an award and attention obsessed entity. Noreen Gosch was portrayed as a kook. Which she clearly is not.

  • Tap

    Look at the ears. The folds of your ears are unique like fingerprints and don’t change over your lifetime. If you can match their ears, you have your answer.

  • Paul

    I have actually given a name for Tony on 2 occasions and never heard a word back. I am pretty sure I know who Tony is or was as he tried to do something similar with me a couple years before Johnny Gosch was abducted. I phoned the 800 number during the AMW airing and years later sent a message to the Johnny Gosch website his mother setup. Tony lived in my home town of Minot, ND and disappeared from Minot right around the time of Gosch’s abduction.

  • Heatherb

    Is it me, or does Marc James Allen bare a striking likeness to Bonacci?

    • Yes, he does, but I don’t think it’s him. 🙁 But hey, you never know!

  • Avenir

    Thank you Truecrimediva, I would really recommend you listen to the interview of Noreen Gosch with Alex Merklinger, Noreen’s claims in that interview are quite weird because she also claims a woman has been travelling with her husband to Paul Bonacci, pretending to be Noreen.
    All the claims she makes in this interview really make you think doubt her story actually.
    I’ve watched multiple shows where she has appeared in and in one show she claims the kidnappers used MK Ultra (a governmental mind control project) and in other shows she doesn’t even mention it, in the interview she mentions facts that in other shows are unmentioned, makes claims that she just “leaves out”.
    In my opinion we are dealing with a tragic disappearance that has driven a grieving mom to extremes to hold on to her son and his story.
    Also one thing that has left me wondering: in the beginning of the radio interview with Alex Merklinger, Noreen claims that the night before Johnny disappeared he was talking to a police officer at a sports game but nowhere in the rest of the interview it’s explained what this officer has to do with the whole disappearance.
    Maybe I missed it, or the whole thing was just “forgotten to be explained”.
    What also makes me wonder is why this one detective, who claims the photo’s which Noreen has of her son gagged and bound, never made the guy speak up who he says was identified as the guy in the photo.
    This detective says the photo’s are from a 70’s case and he knows who the boy is, it’s been 40-is years ago surely someone who is positively identified as the boy in the picture should be able to step up and say “this is me, this is not Johnny” just to end speculation once and for all.
    The more I read, watch and listen about this the more this case is starting to make less sense and only confuses me!

    • Jerry Richer

      Jeez, if you were a little more educated on the situation you wouldn’t doubt her claims. Esteemed attorney John Decamp, who wrote ‘The Franklin Cover-up’ coroborates her claim about Johnny’s father and the other lady. FOR GOD’S SAKE I AM AT A LOSS FOR WORDS CAN WE HUMANS PLEASE STOP ALLOWING THIS SICK ACTIVITY TO CONTINUE!!!!!

    • Kim

      I have the book “Why Johnny can’t come home” and I think Noreen is a little goofy. I do not believe all of her claims but I do think Eugene Martin’s disappearance is related, along with possibly Marc Allen. I do think there is a pedophile ring involved and it is just so sick and complicated it’s hard to make sense of any of it.

  • Avenir

    I came across the Johnny Gosch story on Youtube after having first seen the “banned” documentary Conspiracy of Silence.
    The story about Johnny made me dig a little deeper and I came across a radio interview Noreen had with Alex Merklinger, June 17 2004 (also available on Youtube)
    In this interview Noreen tells the whole story in the timeline it all happened and at the end “disclosed” she believes her husband was in on the kidnapping and that Paul Bonacci has stated that the father indeed was in on it, this statement was backed by a guy called Rusty Nelson, who was a photographer for Lawrence King’s sex party’s where they made pictures of important men having sex with children, with which they could later use to blackmail people.
    Noreen also states that after these statements her (now) ex-husband has taken off and disappeared.

    Multiple questions arose immediately; why haven’t the authorities been looking for this man and ordered a full investigation into his involvement in the kidnapping?
    Secondly, if Johnny’s father indeed disappeared, how is it possible then that both Noreen AND Johnny’s father appear in the program Vanished with Beth Holloway (aired June 27, 2011) (also available on Youtube)
    If Noreen is really serious about her allegation that Johnny’s father has something to do with the disappearance of her son, then why hasn’t she moved hell and earth to find him and bring him to justice?
    Apparently it wasn’t so hard to find the father after all?
    Why hasn’t Noreen contacted the authorities about her (ex) husband’s whereabouts if the show’s producers have all the information about the father?

    I absolutely believe there has been a tragedy going on surrounding the disappearance of Johnny, and maybe in fact has something to do with the Franklin Scandal, however too many “facts” of Noreen are just not adding up or can not be proven.
    Maybe the truth will never be known, all I can say is every disappearance of a child is a tragedy.
    (If my English or grammar is not that great, i’m sorry, I am not a native speaker of English nor do I live in an English speaking country)

    • GREAT comment!! I didn’t know that Noreen accused her ex of having something to do with Johnny’s disappearance, so thank you for sharing that!

      I agree with you on everything you commented about. I think there is more to this case than we will ever know. It would be so easy to say this was a pedophile ring but like you said, there are things about Noreen that do not add up!

      Thank you for commenting!

      • Jerry Richer

        Is every commenter an agent on here? NOREEN IS TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!

        • Kim

          Jerry and you know this for sure how? We are entitled to our opinions. Stop typing in caps is rude and yelling. If you are not objective to other people’s thoughts on this case then you should not be reading the comments section. Some of Noreen’s claims are outlandish.

          • Chris

            Why do you want to dictate how another poster expresses himself? Maybe he knows exactly what all caps means and that is what he wants to express? Why is your opinion more credible than his? You can’t control how others express themselves. You have no business telling him to stop. Besides, all caps isn’t ACTUALLY yelling now is it? It’s just a choice on a keyboard.

      • AndyR

        Well, there’s the possibility Noreen is a grieving mother, obviously obsessed (as most people would probably be who lose a son like that) trying to cling onto anything and everything she can, searching for answers. So a lot of the threads she follows or statements she makes could be conjured up by her, either delusional, or somebody messing with her, or whatever. So, yeah, you could say that a lot of her story doesn’t add up.

        For example, there’s a possibility she told the story of Johnny visiting her one night in order to get headlines and get people talking about the case again. She probably got a real feeling of hope every time a media source like Unsolved Mysteries or something like that got involved with the case, so maybe she was trying to capture more people’s interest, not a bad strategy when you think about it, I’m sure the Making A Murderer doc has done a LOT for bringing resources to Stephen Avery’s case, as an example.

        But just because a lot of what she says could be unreliable or easy to refute, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have some pieces of the puzzle correct. There’s just so much about, not only this case, but the other people coming forward, that points to a pedophile ring. In the article above, the author asks why weren’t more boys taken, I think that’s obvious. Just like a serial killer who has to bide his time, can’t get too itchy of a trigger finger. Let’s say somebody does have influence into the police department to make sure the investigations don’t get very far. If you start kidnapping boys from their families left and right, it becomes an epidemic, catches the public’s attention, and it’s a lot harder to just blame it on a grieving mother searching for answers, or a schizophrenic pedophile trying to gain sympathy and attention.

        One of the most intriguing things to me, was how Bonacci was able to describe and then bring Unsolved Mysteries to that abandoned ranch and show them the spooky tunnel system beneath with all these initials carved into the wood. Unless there’s something I don’t know, that adds a lot of credibility to his story.

        As far as the mother doing her hair and makeup for the initial interview, that’s a non issue I think. You try to grasp on to any routine, people are naturally vain, there’s plenty of perfectly reasonable explanations for why she doesn’t look like a basket case. She smiles and says “We’ll leave the light on” because she wants to say something reassuring in case he’s listening, because that’s what moms do. Then she says “that’s what moms do” maybe to appeal to other mothers out there. I think some people might be looking too hard for clues in every bit of footage or information, which is exactly what Noreen does, because it’s natural for us to want answers, to solve the mystery, but I wouldn’t read anything into Noreen’s television appearances.

        • Well, I don’t read much into Bonacci, the ranch, and Unsolved Mysteries. For all we know, it could have been staged. After all, it was a television show. I admit, it was believable, and so was Bonacci. One of the problems I have with Bonacci is this: he was one of the abductors and was the first to molest Johnny, so he claims. Why on earth would Johnny trust him enough to tell him certain things about his life after he did those things? Why wasn’t Johnny afraid of him? And don’t give me the Stockholm Syndrome crap either lol.

          Bonacci sure wasn’t afraid of these people like Johnny allegedly was in 1997. According to Noreen, Johnny was afraid these people would kill him, yet Bonacci goes on national TV. Just doesn’t make sense. I think Noreen made up the visit for God knows what reason. Attention on the case or her. But there are other ways of getting attention to a case besides lying.

          I agree on your reply about only taking the three boys. I also think another reason is because they were also taking kids from Omaha, and possibly other bigger cities nearby, like Kansas City or the Twin Cities in Minnesota. That way, it wouldn’t look as obvious to what they were doing.

          I remember reading about a girl named April (I think that was her name) who came forward the same time as Paul. She was not mentioned in the documentary though, so I could be wrong.

    • Kim

      I don’t believe Johnny’s Dad had anything to do with this awful situation. In her book she does elude of a few strange things her husband did, along with the Chief of Police. Some of her claims are outlandish. I am not even sure Johnny actually visited her in the middle of the night. I find it VERY hard to believe he would not call the police.

  • Blaine Ward

    Johnny Gosch’s father was involved. In the weeks prior to the kidnapping, the Gosch family got several “wrong numbers” always at 1:30 a.m.. Then at 1:30 a.m., the same day Johnny was kidnapped, the father answered the phone. He usually always hung up. But this time, he said things like “Yes”, “Right, ok”. Obviously, he was tipping off the kidnappers that Johnny would be alone that morning and that they could go ahead with the kidnapping.

    Johnny was forced into a pedophile/sex ring. This is documented fact. Micheal Aquino (read up on this guy–it is most revealing) purchased Johnny for $35,000 and brought him to Colorado for torture, various forms of abuse, and mind-control programming.

    I am surprised that, after writing such a good article, you still doubt that Johnny was forced into the pedophile/sex ring. This is most certainly what happened to him. And to Eugene Martin. And Marc Allen. And countless others. You need to read up on this.


    • I was under the impression the calls were from Noreen’s testimony in 1999. Sorry, but I’m not quick to believe everything Noreen says. I do believe that his father could have been involved. The one time Johnny goes on the route himself, he gets abducted.

      I am also not aware that his abduction into a pedophile ring is a documented fact. Bonacci’s testimony was considered a hoax by a Grand Jury.

      I have read up on this and other cases similar. I cannot rule out a pedophile ring, obviously, but I don’t think we can rule out the possibility of this being closer to home either. Or that a lone abductor kidnapped all three boys. Why weren’t there more boys abducted from this area? Why just those three and why two years apart from one another?

      • Blaine Ward

        Of course Bonacci’s testimony was considered a hoax. Anyone who attempts to expose these pedophile rings is immediately attacked and discredited. This tactic is one of the oldest in the book.

        truecrimediva, you have no idea how far the tentacles of these organisations can reach. They have ties all the way up to the White House. Local police, FBI, the government, they’re all in on it. And they completely control everything you see and hear about it. Why has none of this ever been proven? Because any person who does attempt to prove it either gets completely discredited or killed. Internet sites such as this one, they don’t bother with because they work so hard to convince people that such sex rings don’t exist, they figure that nobody will believe it. And from the looks of things, they have done an excellent job. Almost nobody believes the existence of these rings.

        I once had a blog in which I exposed the truth about the Atlanta Child Murders. I got death threats and was told to take down the blog or else. An idle threat? A bluff? A joke? Perhaps. But I was not willing to take that chance. They have the power to take down blogs themselves. But they do love to threaten people. They get a sick thrill out of doing that. It’s their way of reminding you who is really in charge.

        Going to the police with information is a joke. They’re all in on it. How far and how deep does the rabbit hole go? Deeper than you could ever imagine.

        A lone abductor is very rare. You can bet the abductor is working for a much bigger organisation. Why weren’t there more boys abducted from this area? Because they pick and choose, that’s why. And they abduct boys from all over the US, not just from Iowa. They send out scouts who take pictures of boys on the streets. They then show the pictures to prospective buyers (pedophiles) who then select which boy they want.

        Thousands upon thousands of people disappear each year in the US alone, many of them children and teenagers. Where do all these people go? The media wants us to believe that a large majority are runaways or victims of parental abductions and lone abductors, as you put it. Not so. Massively not so. A large percentage go into prostitution/pornography, snuff films and satanic sacrifices.

        Let me pass on to you a bit of wisdom that life has taught me. Keep an open mind and believe nothing the mainstream, media tells you. Mainstream media is 100% controlled and virtually everything they tell you is fabricated.

        • You make some incredible, valid points. Nothing truly would surprise me when it came to top officials. It’s just really sad that people like that exist in this world.

          • Jerry Richer

            I didn’t mean to be harsh with my earlier comments. I am just beyond outraged that this is happening. It makes me so very sad. I didn’t mean to insult or blast anybody.

          • No worries! 🙂 All is good!

    • Jerry Richer

      FINALLY, an informed person makes a comment!!!! Blain, thank you for the accurate summary of the situation. Evidently a lot of the other folks posting can’t make an informed comment.

    • I never heard of his family getting wrong numbers before? And I too thought how odd the one day his dad did not go with him this happened. Why did his father not go along that morning,never explained.

      • He overslept. Johhny did not wake him.

    • Kim

      Ludicrous to hint Mr. Gosch was involved. Those men knew paperboys were out early in the morning, saw an opportunity, and took it.

    • Debbie

      Blaine – I agree with you about people not reading extensively about this case. There is witnesses of Johnny Gosch being held up in a house outside of Sedalia, Colorado. There are two abducted victims like Johnny that knew him and accounted for him to Noreen…Alisha Olsen and Paul Bonacci. Johnny’s father had to be a part of this occult. If you read into the satanist MK Ultra programming of individuals are generations of families that support this occult of harming their own children.

  • Josette

    I was thinking that that Cox guy had some kind of “I know my first name is Steven” thing going on. But instead of helping kidnapped kids he’s running it now. The pictures looks a little too staged, like the gag, why the gag? I don’t know really though.

    • Really? I’ll have to read about him again. It makes sense though so maybe he is the boy in the pics. I agree with the pics looking staged. I thought that, too.

  • Josette

    Ok, I just read this post.

    You have some great points. I think those pics are of the Cox guy.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you agree! I couldn’t believe how much they look alike.