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I think the chances of this being an intruder is slim to none.  What are the odds that this man, who was heterosexual, was not raped and murdered by one of the GAY men in the house?? Why would an intruder RANDOMLY “break in” to THIS house and rape and kill the only guy in the house who was straight AND NOT living there? The murder took place in a very short amount of time. Wone arrived at 10:30.  Price went to bed at 11:00. Shortly after, Price and Zaborskey hear the chimes then a scream. At 11:49, 911 is called. Now here’s what I find fishy about this timeline:

  • Price and Zaborsky claimed they heard the door chimes between 11:00 and 11:30 pm and assumed it was their tenant. Shortly after, they hear a scream and go to Wone’s room. If that was true, there would NOT be enough time for the attacker to go up to Wone’s room, then rape and kill him by the time the two love birds made it to Wone’s room.
  • Now if they immediately ran to Wone’s room following the scream, wouldn’t they have caught the attacker in the act? Obviously, the scream meant that Wone was still alive and conscious.
  • What happened between the time Price and Zaborsky found Wone and 911 was called? Minutes are missing and there is no explanation for this? Why did it take so long to call 911? Clean-up in aisle 7! 😉

I also wonder how come Price and Zaborsky, who were one floor up from Wone and Ward, heard the scream first? Ward was next door, so how come he didn’t hear it? And I am curious as to why Zaborsky was bawling like a baby over the murder and not Price, who had been friends with Wone since college. 

The blood found in a drain in the backyard and clothes dryer, to me, is a BIG clue that someone in the house committed the crime. It means that someone was cleaning up the scene. A random stranger isn’t going to worry about that shit. They are going to get the hell out of there as fast as they can.

Knowing what the cops knew about Ward, I cannot believe he, at least, was never arrested. The man was a freakazoid, had the device that can cause an ejaculation, had a profile on the BDSM site, and was the closest person to Wone in the house with his room being right next door. It’s BS that he went to his room, read, and took a sleeping pill. It’s BS that Price, Zaborsky, and Ward had nothing to do with this murder. I just cannot believe when it is SO OBVIOUS who killed Wone that murder charges were never filed. Could it be because the three men came from affluent backgrounds? Money does talk and people do listen.

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  • Danny Rizzi

    Hi TCD! Love your site and thorough analysis and opinion on so many cases!
    Cases like this make my blood boil as well. I feel so badly for The Wone Family. Whatever amount of money they received from the civil trial will never bring Eric back, and the fact these 3 slime were eventually acquitted must have been like re-living a nightmare. My heart breaks for them just thinking about that. Nobody’s affluence should be a reason for getting away with murder, but unfortunately it seems many police, prosecutors and judges as well are swayed by this, and it’s definitely the case here. Such inept police work as well. From what’s been going on all across the country with so many unnecessary police shootings and after reading pages and pages of cases on your site I’m starting to believe that the good cop and good investigator is in the minority in this country. Keep highlighting these cold cases TCD and giving your honest and insightful opinions and I’ll keep reading. You’re doing a great service for so many who are still waiting for justice.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words!!! 🙂 I will definitely keep writing!