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When I originally wrote about this case, nobody paid much attention to it. Then, someone from the FB page set up to help find Brittanee posted the link to my article on their page, and holy cow! That post received more views than any other post I have written. I even received a couple of comments putting my writing down and saying that I’m dragging these kids through the mud by accusing them of committing a crime LOL. Whatevs! I deleted those asshole comments because I NEVER once said these people are guilty. Is it possible they are guilty? Hell, yes. And for the record, I’m not the only person who thinks these “friends” know more than they are saying.

At the beginning of my article on Brittanee, I mentioned how reports/videos of this case differ with certain information. So, I watched the episode of Disappeared on Investigation Discovery (ID) about Brittanee’s disappearance, thinking it would be pretty reliable, so hopefully I am right.

Here is a timeline I created based on that information:

  • 8:15 p.m. – Brittanee is caught on a traffic cam walking to the Blue Water Resort
  • 8:30 p.m. – Brittanee arrives at Blue Water. (this is my estimation based on the fact that it is about a 15 minute walk to Bluewater from the area of the traffic cam)
  • 8:48 p.m. – Brittanee exits hotel to begin her walk back to Bar Harbor Resort.
  • 8:58 p.m. – Last text John receives from Brittanee.
  • 9:15 p.m. – John has lost all communication with Brittanee. Calls and texts made to her phone go unanswered.
  • 9:27 p.m. – ping from 1st cell phone tower near Surfside Beach, SC – 15 minutes from Myrtle Beach on Highway 17.
  • 11:58 pm. – 2nd ping from cell phone tower number 332 in Georgetown County near Poleyard Boat Landing by the North Santee River. This is one hour south of Myrtle Beach.
  • 1:00 a.m.  – Brozowitz and his gang check out of Blue Water Resort. Some reports say it was 2 a.m.

Discrepancies with videos:

  1. Some reports say Brittanee was walking FROM Blue Water at 8:15 p.m. The show Disappeared said she was walking TO Blue Water at that time. The video clearly shows the time as 8:15 but you can’t really determine which direction she is going.
  2. The surveillance cam shows her ENTERING Blue Water at 7:55 p.m. then EXITING at 8:13 p.m. The detective on Disappeared said she LEFT Bluewater at 8:48 p.m. I did read one article that stated the times on the Blue Water video were wrong and later updated by Myrtle Beach PD.

From Myrtle Beach to Poleyard Landing is a one-hour drive. The last cell phone ping was near Poleyard Boat Landing at 11:58 p.m. The first ping was at 9:27 near Surfside Beach. It takes about 15 minutes to get from Myrtle Beach to Surfside Beach so that fits with the timeline. However, from Surfside Beach to Poleyard Boat Landing is about 50 minutes. If the car left Surfside Beach at 9:27 and headed straight to Poleyard, the driver would have arrived there by roughly 10:20 p.m., over an hour and a half before the last ping. So, we have 1.5 hours of unaccounted time. What happened to Brittanee in that time?  I believe that is when the crime took place.

Brozowitz and his groupies checked out between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. The last ping was at 11:58 p.m. It’s a one-hour drive from Poleyard Boat Landing to Myrtle Beach.

I believe the last ping was around the time her body was being disposed of.  The area is swampy and full of alligators, snakes, wild boars, etc. A police officer told Dawn that it would take about 6 hours for an animal to eat a body. Perfect dumping ground.

I also believe that her cell phone battery was taken out and the killer kept her phone, maybe disposing of it later. It’s never been found.

I read that Brozowitz was familiar with this area.

Brozowitz and friends said that Brittanee was at Club Kryptonite with them on April 24th, but we clearly see on the cell phone video that she was in the college student’s hotel room that Friday night between 10:30 and midnight. I have no idea how long she had been there before the video was shot. Maybe she went to the club beforehand.

According to Brittanee’s boyfriend, some kids were harassing her on a sidewalk and she asked this guy to walk with her so they would quit bothering her. And the guy did. Why she went back to this stranger’s hotel room is not clear. From what I understand, she was pretty trusting and didn’t think anything bad would happen to her. That’s typical thinking of a teenager.

Why was Brittanee at Blue Water that night? What were her original plans with Brozowitz? She only left because Oberer insisted she bring the shorts back, which I find extremely strange. Why would you make your FRIEND walk 1.4 miles BACK just to return a pair of shorts when you could easily wear another pair? She’s either a big drama queen or she had a plan set in motion.

When Brittanee left Blue Water, did someone give her a ride? It was only a 15-minute walk to the traffic cam that recorded her walking TO the resort but it did not capture her walking back. I haven’t read anything about witnesses seeing her get into a vehicle or being abducted on Ocean Boulevard. So, does this mean she got into a car AT Blue Water? If so, whose car did she get in? The same car she went down to Myrtle Beach in? Brozowitz’? A stranger’s?

As far as I know, there is no video of Brozowitz or his gang leaving Blue Water around the time Brittanee did. But is there a camera at all entrances? Could he or they have gone out a side door?

Did law enforcement search Brozowitz’ room? The Bar Harbor room where Brittanee was staying? Of course, they should have, but did they? I didn’t find anything mentioning it.

I think you also have to look at the three friends Brittanee was with – Oberer, her brother, and Lippa. Getting into a fight over a pair of shorts is not worth harming someone over, but I have seen people flip over similar small stuff before. Maybe an argument escalated. There is not a lot of info out there on these friends during their stay in Myrtle Beach. Were they at Club Kryptonite with Brittanee? If not, where were they? Why didn’t they report her missing when she didn’t arrive back at the resort? Why didn’t they answer their phones when Dawn was calling? Why didn’t they call Dawn back after she left voice mail messages?

I found a website with only a few posts about Brittanee’s disappearance. According to this website, Brittanee was in Myrtle Beach with more friends other than the three mentioned above. And this person stated that these “friend”s were not being very nice to Brittanee which is one of the reasons why she was not hanging out with them. John Grieco said the very same thing on Disappeared. Brittanee felt alienated from the group. He also said the group was doing a lot of drugs and Brittanee didn’t like it. She did not use drugs herself. She was ready to go home the next day and even had her suitcases already packed.

Why were they being mean to her? Why did they invite her along if they were going to treat her like shit? Some friends.

I read that these “friends” actually deny even knowing Brittanee. Does the pic below show they do NOT know Brittanee? 😉

Brittanee Drexel and friends
(Left) Brittanee, Nico Chirico, Jen Oberer, Ugur Ozturk, (Jennifer’s boyfriend) (center) Alanna Lippa, Brittanee, Oberer (right) Brittanee, Lippa, Anthony Humphries , Oberer Images source:

I also believe it’s very possible that Brittanee was abducted by a  lone stranger after she left Blue Water Resort. From Blue Water to Bar Harber, where Brittanee and her friends were staying, is about 1.4 miles. If she did in fact walk back to the resort, then someone could have grabbed her before she arrived at at the traffic cam location. But again, I have not read any eye witness accounts of her getting in a car or an actual abduction.

Then there is the human trafficking theory which the family supports.

There’s two ways to explain this theory, in my OPINION:

  1. Brozowitz lured her to his hotel where human traffickers known to Brozowitz kidnapped Brittanee from Bluewater parking lot as she left the hotel. After all, this kid worked in the nightclub industry which means he had access to all sorts of people from all walks of life.
  2. As Brittanee was walking back to Bar Harbor, she was kidnapped by traffickers and taken to another location. Considering Myrtle Beach is a human trafficking hub, and this young, pretty girl was walking by herself, it is definitely a possibility.

The fact that Brozowitz checked out of Blue Water when he did does not look good or make sense. On Disappeared, it was said that one of the guy’s mothers wanted the group to come home right away. I can’t remember the reason but I call bullshit on that because the guys had probably been partying, and no mother is going to want her son driving 14 hours home at 1 a.m. when he may have been drinking.

The fact that Brozowitz lawyered up as soon as he got home screams, “I’M GUILTY!” In many cases where this occurs, that action usually signals a red flag to LE. One person tried telling me in a not-so-nice-comment (it has since been deleted), that it doesn’t mean that at all. If you’re accused of a crime, you lawyer up. Well, I’m pretty sure he had not been accused of a crime at this point. I’m not even sure he was ever accused by the cops that he killed Brittanee. A person of interest is not a suspect. There is a difference.

If you’re innocent:

  1. You probably aren’t going to get a lawyer as fast as Borowitz did and then clam up, refusing to speak at all without that anal attorney present. As soon as he got back to Rochester, he retained this guy. Why? Was he hiding something?
  2. You would have helped search for Brittanee because you knew her, you had hung out with her, and she considered you her friend.
  3. You aren’t going to check out of your hotel room at 1 a.m., just one hour after the last ping from Brittanee’s cell phone and a few hours after she disappeared, and then scramble home to that attorney.

If he is guilty, then his friends either participated or know the details. I’m guessing there is a weak link in the bunch because many times there is. Guilt can eat at you. Maybe one day that weak link will spill the beans.

I read that Brozowitz deleted all his Facebook posts from 2009. Why would he do that? Someone who commented on my article said he didn’t. He just made them private. Yeah, ok, sure.

I don’t believe Brittanee is a victim of human trafficking, although I would not rule it out. I think this was more of a crime of opportunity by someone known to Brittanee. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she goes down to Myrtle Beach with these “friends” and vanishes without a trace.

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  • Sweetface

    This case has stuck with me for some reason since I saw it on Disappeared a long time ago. I don’t know her but Brittanee seems so sweet and she’s so pretty. My heart breaks for her family.

    What shocks me the most is that her so-called friends did not even help in the search. Unbelievable to me, I would help even if I didn’t know the girl and was just part of the group that traveled to Myrtle Beach. Where’s the compassion? So either her ‘friends’ seriously just do not care or they know more.

    I am not sure I believe the jailhouse confession and nothing has come of it as of today (from what I know). Praying they will find her one day and find out what happened.

    • I’m with you on the jailhouse confession. I’m not convinced that’s what happened and I’ve always believed her friends knew more about what happened to her. She left that hotel because her friend demanded she walk back to her hotel to give the girl back her shorts. And she just happens to disappear after that. There was zero compassion from her “friends”. That is not normal.

  • Bill Cord

    Finally, the police discovered she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted for several days before being killed when the police and media pressure made her kidnappers realize it was time to kill her. Her body was disposed of by dumping it in a gator pit.

    • I find it strange that the FBI believes a jailhouse confession. Why didn’t he come forward earlier? It’s easy to say what happened to her, but where’s the evidence? I’m just not 100% convinced. And these witnesses who saw her body being dumped into a swamp. Who are they? If there were that many witnesses, surely one of them would have talked long before now.

  • Hannah

    I agree with what you said. Why didn’t her so called guy friends give her a ride back to her hotel. I too, feel the people she was with, had something to do with her vanishing without a trace. True friends don’t act like you Never knew them, get so mad about a pair of shorts, and be mean to that person. None of the people Brittany was with helped search for her. Right?? Thats not friends.
    Her last phone ping was at 11:58 and Brozowitz and his friends check out at 1 am.
    Where her phone pinged at was about 50 minutes from where Brittany disappeared from. Enough time to get back, pack your stuff up, and check out of the hotel around 1 am.
    There hotel room would of already been paid for, for the night. So why would you just up and leave?
    Did the police get the pings from the people she went with to Myrtle Beach?

    • I don’t know if they did or not. I never saw anything about that. Of course, they SHOULD have. There’s more to this than what that group of people are saying. No doubt!

  • Kathryn

    Unidentified remains
    Whilden and Forest Murrell Road, Awendaw, SC

    • Interesting! Thanks!

      • Jean

        There is your 1.5 hours of unaccounted time. Francis Marion National is about 1.5 hours away from the hotel Brit was staying at. I dont see that the remains been indentified yet.

        • The remains found were of a male so that rules out Brittanee

  • Charlie

    I remember seeing this case on Disappeared and did not think too much of it at the time because it seems like a kidnapping case just like so many other kidnapping cases. I would be surprised if the kidnapper is Peter Brosowitz. Unless Britanee Drexel’s kidnapping is part of a large conspiracy, I think police would have used his friends that were with him to help establish his alibi during the period of time her phone was moving. Then there is that he is not on video surveillance leaving after Brittanee.

    If there is one unique aspect to this case it is the constant cell phone use. The one thing I wondered was when she received a call or text did the phone actually ring with a ringtone or was it set to vibrate. Her mom said something interesting on Disappeared. She said that when she first tried to call Brittanee the phone would ring and ring and then it eventually just went to voicemail. But this had to be nearly 2 hours later because her boyfriend tried to give her time to respond before reporting her plans to her mother. And he left work at 11. I just thought it was strange that you have the boyfriend trying to get in contact with her, the girl who wants her shorts back trying to get in contact with her, and her mother trying to get in contact with her all in the same 3 hour window that the phone was moving around. I thought it was odd that the kidnapper did not get irritated with all the phone calls. Maybe she had the cell phone set to all sounds being off. She used the cell phone lighting up as an indication of a call, but then the kidnapping happened at night. The point I am getting at is that I do not understand how the kidnapper did not know she had a cell phone?

    One conclusion might be that she was restrained or unconscious in the trunk of someone’s car. Then again you have the distance between point A and point B. It does not take 3 hours to drive 50 miles. I thought maybe the kidnapper was a truck driver because maybe the person stopped somewhere.

    It just seems like the person had to stop with Brittanee Drexel without being near her cell phone or could not see or hear it. Other than an ice cream truck, I cannot think of any other vehicle that would travel that slow consistently to reach a destination.