TCD’s Thoughts: Amy Bradley Disappearance

Amy, (23) May 1997
Amy, (23) May 1997

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I don’t know what to make of the pictures of the girl in the brothel. She does bear a striking resemblance to Amy. It’s her eyes that get me – they are identical to Amy’s.

Let’s talk about Amy when she was still on the ship.

I don’t believe anyone came to the cabin because they would have risked waking her family. A lot of people question Ron Bradley, Amy’s father, on whether he could really have fallen back into a deep sleep in the short amount of time that he did. They think he would have heard Amy leave. I disagree. I have woken up early like that, fell back asleep, and when I awoke again, I struggled to open my eyes. That’s how asleep I was. Amy would have quietly walked out the cabin so as not to disturb her family.

Yellow lives in Grenada, which is very close to Aruba and Curacao. I think this guy knows exactly what happened to Amy. Personally, I think she was drugged on the ship (which was put into that drink Yellow gave her), taken off the ship in Curacao and sold or taken to a brothel. And yes, I do think it’s possible that she is still alive today.

There have been several sightings of Amy up until 2005. Aside from the brothel, there was a sighting in San Francisco, CA in 2003 that is a credible one. Amy was seen there with some men in a public place. If that is true, why didn’t she make a run for it? How come she has not tried to escape since 2005? Is she dead? Too ashamed to come home?

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  • Laurie

    I think she was sold by yellow to sex traffickers who keep her on drugs and locked away to service their clients. As long as she is manageable on drugs, looks decent and can be sold for a tryst they will keep her alive. When she no longer can make them money or manage her she will be disposed of. I wish there were more people investigating the sex slavery business and could bring these girls/women home. What a hellish existence! I pray the Lord helps these women!

  • BGME2

    Is there a ‘cold case’ Detective following ‘Yellow’…? There should be.

  • Diane

    I think Amy is just being used in the sex slavery industry. I totally agree with all of your thoughts about this. I’ve read a lot of your opinions on cases, and you really have a good grasp and insightful ideas.

  • Sadie

    I think Amy fell overboard. She had alittle too much to drink and fell.

  • kathys

    I also think Amy is dead because there have been no sightings of her for 11 years. What bothers me the most is that the sightings are so scarce. Did they lock her up most of the time? Too scary

  • Mariwho

    Im so happy I found your blog! I think the guy from the ship drugged her and sold her to become a sex slave. He was probably a recruiter. Him and the other people from the ship seem very suspicious to me. I think she’s alive in the Caribbean.

    • Eric Trump

      Bunch of wild value-judgements without ANY proof. What are you — Donald Trump?

      • It isn’t too hard to believe and is a possibility of what happened to Amy. Plain and simple.

  • Travis

    You seem to know a lot about this topic.

  • Martmar

    I don’t believe she’s alive,most these strong women that keep running and asking for help no matter how pretty there not worth the trouble.I believe Amy by the time that picture was sent via email was already strung out on so many upper downers that she was horifically comfortable where she shouldn’t have been.the drugs they use to seperate you from your family with,you know are hooked on and beg your abductors for your nightly fix..this is scary shit what humans can do to one another ..