PLEASE READ: Taking a Break

Taking a break

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I am taking a week off from blogging and approving comments, as well as Twitter.

I need a break. The last post I wrote on Kenneka Jenkins (post has since been taken down) caused quite a stir, and the trolls came out. I deleted all the nasty comments towards me and the article so you were never able to view them. But it just wore me out and pissed me off, so I became Negative Nancy BIG time.

It showed on Twitter.

So, I went through and deleted some tweets. When I return, I am tweeting nothing other than true crime.

I also was tweeting a lot about Trump. I hate that man as our POTUS. That also showed lol.

There is so much negativity on Twitter now, so I need to step away.

I will still be on Facebook, though, and I plan on using Instagram more. While I have a Pinterest account, I am not very active on there, but I may use it more as well. But Twitter? Shit, I may just completely step away from that. Who knows? Time will tell.

When I do return, I have a few announcements to make regarding this blog.

So until then, join me on Facebook or Instagram!

P.S. I am disabling comments on the entire blog until I return.
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