TCD’s Thoughts: The Death of Theresa Parker


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While watching the 48 Hours show featuring this case and realizing that Sam was going to be charged with murder and eventually convicted, I was in a bit of shock. For one big reason: NO BODY had been found until 2010, three years after Theresa went missing. I know a person can be convicted without a body, but they charged him with MURDER when, at that time, there was NO evidence a murder had been committed. All evidence the prosecution had was circumstantial. read more

The Death of Theresa Parker: husband convicted but is he guilty of murder?

theresaparker911 dispatcher Theresa Parker, 42, went missing from Lafayette, Walker County, Georgia on March 21, 2007. Her body was found in September 2010, three years after she went missing. Despite there being no physical evidence linking him to her murder, her police officer husband, Sam Parker, was convicted of her murder.

It was reported from Theresa’s friends and family that the marriage between Sam and Theresa was a rocky one, both initiating fights with the other on many occasions. Theresa had threatened divorce a few times before, but always went back to him. In March 2007, still not quite sure leaving him was what she wanted to do, Theresa decided to end the marriage. She had just found a nice apartment and was in the process of moving into it when she disappeared. read more