Mary Agnes Moroney: Missing for 85 Years

This is a very old case, dating back to 1930. I normally do not write about cases that old, but this one has always intrigued me. It’s sad that her family never found her.

Mary_Moroney_5_15_30_Chicago_ILOn May 14, 1930,  a young Chicago mother named Catherine Moroney received a strange visit from a woman calling herself Julia Otis.  Julia claimed that a social worker by the name of Mrs. Henderson sent her to the Moroney residence to help the family. This did not surprise the 17-year-old mother. Catherine and her husband, Michael, had made a public appeal for a job for Michael in the Chicago Daily Tribune. They already had two children –  two-year-old Mary Agnes, a one-year-old girl named Anastasia – plus a third child on the way. The Moroneys were poor, and what they did make was not enough to support their young family. read more