Brian McDermott: 1973 Belfast murder remains unsolved

10-year-old Brian McDermott disappeared from Ormeau Park in Belfast, Ireland in 1973. His mutilated and charred remains were found in a river in Belfast, Ireland in 1973. His murder remains unsolved.

About the Case

Brian McDermott
Brian McDermott. Photo credit: Worcester News

Brian McDermott, 10, was last seen at Ormeau Park in Belfast, Ireland on September 2, 1973. A week later, the River Lagan was lowered, and a sack containing mutilated and charred remains was found. The body was later identified as Brian McDermott through fingerprints salvaged from one of the boy’s fingers. read more

Annie McCarrick: Missing from Ireland Since 1993

anniemccarrickIn March 1993, 26-year-old Irish-American, Annie McCarrick was living at Sandymount in Dublin with two female roommates. Early in the day on March 26th, she ran errands to the bank and grocery store, and then later left to go walking in Enniskerry, about a half hour away.

That same day, she was supposed to pick up her paycheck, but she never showed. read more