Jonathan Edward Hagans: Missing from Florida since 1968

Three-year-old Jonathan Edward Hagans disappeared June 11, 1968 while at the beach with his family. He has never been found.

About the Case

Jonathan Edward Hagans
Photo credit: The Doe Network

On June 11, 1968, the Hagans family, Joe and Marjean Hagans and their three children, including three-year-old Jonathan, decided to spend the warm summer day at the beach in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. At some point, Jonathan disappeared. Witnesses claimed they saw him following behind Joe as Joe walked towards a snack bar area. read more

Dan Markel: Who killed the prominent Florida law professor?

Dan MarkelOn the morning of July 18, 2014, 42-year-old Florida State University law professor, Dan Markel pulled into his driveway in Tallahassee, Florida as he was talking on his cell phone. He told the person he was talking with that someone was standing in his driveway.

A few seconds later, a lone gunman followed Dan into his garage and shot him in the head through the driver’s side window.  A Toyota Prius was seen leaving the area shortly after. read more

Andrea D’Anne Durham: Missing from Florida Since 1990

There is not a lot of info on this case, so that is one of the reasons I put it on here – to have more attention brought to it.

durham_andrea3On February 1, 1990, 13-year-old Andrea Durham disappeared from her home at Royale Apartments in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The apartment complex was located at the corner of Colonial Drive and Mayflower Avenue. Andrea shared the apartment with her mother, Roseanne Sterling and her older sister, Ashyea Durham. read more

Reny Jose: Missing since March 2014

I just came across this case and it reminds me of Brittanee Drexel’s case in many ways.

renyjoseRice University student, Reny Jose, 21, was on spring break in Panama City, FL in March 2014. He was one of about 20 students who rented a beach house March 1st.  He was last seen at 7pm on March 3rd by his friends and reported missing the following day. read more

James Scavone: Missing Since 1999 from Cruise Ship

scavone_jamesIn the early morning hours of July 5, 1999, in international waters between Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico, 22-year-old James Scavone vanished from Carnival Cruise Line’s Destiny ship. James was on the cruise ship with his best friend, Jeff, and 12 members of Jeff’s family for a seven-day trip to the Caribbean.

At around midnight, James and his friends had been at the ship’s disco enjoying a few drinks. 30 minutes later, according to the friends, James felt sick and departed to his cabin. He planned to stop at a restroom on his way.

He has never been seen again.

When his friends returned to the cabin at 3:00 a.m., they assumed James had met someone and would return in the morning. By 10:00 a.m., James still had not returned so the friends went to the ship’s authorities to have him paged. read more