Jesse Ross: Vanished into thin air in 2006

19-year-old University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) student Jesse Ross disappeared from Chicago while at a mock United Nations conference. He has never been found.

About the Case

Jesse Ross
Jesse Ross

In November 2006, Jesse traveled to Chicago for a United Nations Conference at the Sheraton Inn Office and Towers. On November 20th, he phoned his parents and said he was having a blast. Everything was good. read more

Crime Writer Eugene Izzi: Strange death in 1996 ruled suicide

American crime writer, Eugene Izzi, was found hanging outside a window 14 stories above Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois on December 7, 1996. The strange death was ruled a suicide; however, those close to Eugene believe foul play was involved.

About the Case

Eugene IzziOn December 7, 1996, a Christmas shopper on Michigan Avenue in Chicago got the shock of his life when he noticed a man hanging out of a window 14 stories above the ground. read more

Mary Agnes Moroney: Missing for 85 Years

This is a very old case, dating back to 1930. I normally do not write about cases that old, but this one has always intrigued me. It’s sad that her family never found her.

Mary_Moroney_5_15_30_Chicago_ILOn May 14, 1930,  a young Chicago mother named Catherine Moroney received a strange visit from a woman calling herself Julia Otis.  Julia claimed that a social worker by the name of Mrs. Henderson sent her to the Moroney residence to help the family. This did not surprise the 17-year-old mother. Catherine and her husband, Michael, had made a public appeal for a job for Michael in the Chicago Daily Tribune. They already had two children –  two-year-old Mary Agnes, a one-year-old girl named Anastasia – plus a third child on the way. The Moroneys were poor, and what they did make was not enough to support their young family. read more

The Disappearance of Civil Rights Pioneer Lloyd L. Gaines

Lloyd L Gaines
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Lloyd Lionel Gaines was a bright and intelligent young man with big dreams of a better future. After the sudden death of his father when Lloyd was only 14, his mother Callie moved her family to St. Louis, Missouri from Mississippi.

Lloyd graduated first in his high school class and even won a $250 scholarship in an essay contest. He enrolled in a teacher’s college but was forced to drop out for lack of money. After getting another scholarship and help from his brothers and black churches, he enrolled at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri where he became president of his senior class, an honors graduate in history and a skilled debater. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in history in 1936, but he really wanted to be a lawyer. At the time, there were only 36 black lawyers in the state of Missouri. read more

What Happened to 20-year-old Jay Polhill?

 Jay Polhill20-year-old Columbia College student Jay Polhill disappeared on Sunday, April 30, 2010 from Chicago, Illinois. Two days later, his body was found in the Calumet River near 126th Street – 20 miles from his downtown college dorm.

An autopsy revealed Jay suffered severe head injuries before drowning. There was no evidence of drugs and alcohol, or sexual assault despite the fact he was found wearing only a T-shirt.

Jay’s case baffles police and remains unsolved today.

Jay’s last image was captured on his dorm security camera the day he went missing. He walked out of the building on South State Street with his camera strapped around his neck and his laptop in a bag. Both have never been found and his wallet is also missing. read more