Brian McDermott: 1973 Belfast murder remains unsolved

10-year-old Brian McDermott disappeared from Ormeau Park in Belfast, Ireland in 1973. His mutilated and charred remains were found in a river in Belfast, Ireland in 1973. His murder remains unsolved.

About the Case

Brian McDermott
Brian McDermott. Photo credit: Worcester News

Brian McDermott, 10, was last seen at Ormeau Park in Belfast, Ireland on September 2, 1973. A week later, the River Lagan was lowered, and a sack containing mutilated and charred remains was found. The body was later identified as Brian McDermott through fingerprints salvaged from one of the boy’s fingers. read more

Christine Markham: Missing since 1973

On May 21, 1973, nine-year-old Christine Markham, of Scunthorpe, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom disappeared on her way to school and has not been seen since.

About the Case

Christine MarkhamOn the morning of May 21, 1973, Christine Markham walked halfway to Henderson Avenue Primary School with two of her siblings. The siblings got on a bus that would take them to another school. They saw Christine walking away from their bus, heading in the direction from which all three came. read more

Henry L. Baltimore Junior: Missing since 1973

Henry L. Baltimore Jr. disappeared almost 43 years ago and has not been seen since.

About The Case

Henry L Baltimore JuniorOn May 30, 1973, 21-year-old Michigan State University student, Henry L. Baltimore Junior disappeared from his off-campus apartment he shared with three roommates – Tony Ransom, George Heath, and Paul Lott, Junior.

Henry was not discovered missing until his sister, Lural Baltimore, arrived at his apartment to get a paper that she agreed to type up for him, and he wasn’t there. The paper’s due date came and went with no sign of Henry. Henry’s roommates told Lural that he went to the library but never returned. read more