Suzanne Gloria Lyall: SUNY student missing since 1998

Suzanne Gloria Lyall was a student at State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany in New York when she disappeared in 1998 after exiting a bus on campus. She has never been found.

About the Case

Suzanne Gloria LyallSuzanne, 19, was employed at Babbage’s in Crossgates Mall in Albany. Her place of employment was two miles from campus so Suzanne, whom friends and family called Suzy, relied on public transportation to get her to and from work.

On the night of March 2, 1998, Suzanne left Babbage’s at around 9:20 p.m. and headed to the bus stop to catch a Capital District Transit Authority (CDTA) bus back to campus.

Suzanne exited the bus at Collins Circle at SUNY around 9:45 p.m. A classmate of hers was positive she saw Suzanne exit the bus, although the sighting was never confirmed. Shortly after, she disappeared into thin air.

The walk to her dorm room was a three to five minute walk, but Suzanne never made it to her dorm. At the time she disappeared, she was carrying a black tote bag or backpack and was wearing a long black trench coat, black shirt, blue jeans, and possibly some jewelry. Her clothing and personal belongings have never been found.

The next morning, Suzanne’s boyfriend, Richard Condon, called her parents, Doug and Mary Lyall, to tell them she had not come home the night before. Doug and Mary called campus police to report their daughter missing.

On March 3, 1998, Suzanne’s ATM card was used around 4:00 p.m. at Stewart’s Shop in Albany to withdraw $20. The surveillance camera did not cover the area where the ATM machine was located, so the person who withdrew the money remains unknown. However, the person entered the correct pin number. Richard claimed only he and Suzy knew the pin number.

A man who was using the same ATM around the time Suzanne’s card was used was found and questioned, but police ruled him out as a suspect.

Two months after she vanished, Suzanne’s work name tag was found in a grassy area near the visitor’s parking lot that sits next to Collins Circle.

Suzanne’s relationship with Richard was rocky and several times she tried to break it off. Each time, Richard would become upset so Suzanne would stay with him.

Prior to her disappearance, she told a coworker that an unknown male was stalking her. However, Suzanne did not appear to be afraid of this person.

Suzanne’s case is being treated as a suspected homicide and the investigation remains open.

Richard Condon denied having anything to do with Suzanne’s disappearance. However, he refused to cooperate with police and take a polygraph test. Richard said that he and Suzanne were engaged prior to her disappearance; a fact unknown to Suzy’s family and friends.

In 2001, Doug and Mary founded the Center of Hope, a group supporting families and friends of missing loved ones.

In 2016, H2H Associates, a company in Troy, New York that specializes in under surveying and mapping, volunteered their equipment to scan the Mohawk River for clues in Suzanne’s disappearance. Nothing was found.

Today, Richard Condon is married and has moved on with his life. Doug Lyall passed away in 2015 from an illness but Mary Lyall continues the search for her daughter.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Suzanne Gloria Lyall, please call:

Agency: New York State Police

Address: Troop G, Bureau of Criminal Investigation

Phone: (518) 783-3212 or 1-(800) 920-4150

or e-mail the information to:

Please include your name, address and telephone number.

True Crime Diva’s Thoughts

This was another case suggested to me by a reader of this blog.

One thing I don’t understand is that Richard was in constant communication with Suzy via computers while she was at work on March 2. I believe he always knew where she was at any given moment. So, why didn’t he search for Suzy when he could not get a hold of her after work? Surely, he knew that was out of character for her. Mary Lyall has stated in the past that Richard lived only five minutes from SUNY.

It is so easy to assume Richard killed her because he seemed to be a bit obsessed with her, getting upset every time she tried breaking things off. He refused to take a polygraph or cooperate with police in any other way. Never a good sign. It means he’s hiding something. Police have not been able to rule him out as a suspect, which I find interesting. Did he not have an alibi for that night?

Maybe Richard is the “stalker” Suzy was talking about. Perhaps, she was too embarrassed to say it was Richard. If it was a stranger, why didn’t she tell people who he was or what he looked like? I believe she knew this person and that was why she was not afraid.

The girl who saw Suzy get off the bus at Collin’s Circle did not report seeing anyone else there. At least, I didn’t find anything about it. This sighting could not be confirmed. Police also could not confirm whether or not Suzy was even on the bus back to campus. The driver thought he may have seen her get on his bus, but did not see her get off. So maybe she exited the bus through the rear side exit?

Was anyone else on this bus? If there were others on the bus, surely one of them would have seen her, yet I found nothing on that either.

There is a chance that Suzy was taken from Crossgates Mall parking lot. After all, it cannot be confirmed if she was on the bus or not. Were there surveillance cameras set up outside the mall? I’m thinking there wasn’t because if there were, they would have shown Suzy leaving the mall and walking to the bus stop.

What about Suzy’s coworkers? Were they interviewed by police?


I find it strange that whoever used Suzy’s ATM card only withdrew $20. I would guess she had more than that in the account. I think if it was a stranger who had it, he or she would take out as much as he or she could, not just a mere $20.

The person knew the pin number on the ATM card. Richard said only he and Suzy knew the number. So, either her kidnapper forced her to use the card or give him or her the pin, OR Richard or Suzy withdrew the money.

I found a website created by Richard for Suzy about 2 years after her disappearance. He wrote a letter answering people’s questions on how he feels towards the person or persons responsible for Suzy’s disappearance. Pictures of Suzy and her poetry are on separate pages on the site. It does not appear to get updated.

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