Book Review: Murder in the Bayou by Ethan Brown

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Murder in the Bayou by Ethan Brown
Published by Scribner (September 13, 2016)
Genres: True Crime
Pages: 272
Format: Hardcover
Source: Publisher
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An explosive, true-life southern Gothic story, Murder in the Bayou chronicles the twists and turns of a high-stakes investigation into the murders of eight women in a troubled Louisiana parish.

Between 2005 and 2009, the bodies of eight women were discovered around the murky canals and crawfish ponds of Jennings, Louisiana, a bayou town of 10,000 in the heart of the Jefferson Davis parish. Local law enforcement officials were quick to pursue a serial killer theory, opening a floodgate of media coverage—from CNN to The New York Times. Collectively the victims became known as the “Jeff Davis 8,” and their lives, their deaths, and the ongoing investigation reveals a small southern community’s most closely guarded secrets.

As Ethan Brown suggests, these homicides were not the work of a single serial killer, but the violent fallout of Jennings’ brutal sex and drug trade, a backwoods underworld hidden in plain sight. Mixing muckraking research and immersive journalism over the course of a five-year investigation, Ethan Brown reviewed thousands of pages of previously unseen homicide files to determine what happened during each victim’s final hours. Epic in scope and intensely suspenseful, Murder in the Bayou is the story of an American town buckling under the dark forces of poverty, race, and class division—and a lightning rod for justice for the daughters it lost.

About the Author

Ethan Brown is an investigative journalist, private investigator, and author of three previous books, Queens Reigns Supreme, Snitch, and Shake the Devil Off, which was named one of the Best Books of 2009 by The Washington Post. He has written for New York magazine, The New York Observer, Wired, Vibe, The Independent, GQ, Mother Jones, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Details, and The Village Voice. He has appeared on NPR, WNYC, Court TV, MSNBC, Hot 97, and BET to discuss drug policy, street crime, the music business, life in Louisiana, and other issues. He lives in New Orleans.

My Thoughts

Let me just say that THIS is how you write a true crime book! I absolutely LOVED it! It’s compelling, extremely well-written, thoroughly researched, and highly interesting to the true crime fan like myself.

I usually give the pros and cons of the book I am reviewing, but I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with it!

Ethan Brown is a writer to be admired and respected. The bravery it took to put this book together, well let’s just say I’d like to call Brown a major BAD ASS! Reading this book, all I kept thinking was, “I could learn so much from this guy!” and “Damn, he’s got balls!” I am now a big fan of his work and plan on reading his other books! He has the best job ever, seriously. 😉

Brown shows you at the beginning of the book who the Jeff Davis 8 are and all the people associated with the case. I really liked that because I could refer back to this from time to time when needed.

As I read this book, my blood would boil so much, I swear I was going to cook myself alive! The amount of corruption and cover-ups going on in the Jennings Police Department is both ridiculous and disgusting. If you are fan of my blog, you know how much I hate corrupt police departments! It’s almost hard to believe the amount of corruption and violence that goes on in this town of only 10,000 people.

I would have loved to interview Brown but I forgot to ask when I was contacted to review the book. However, he’s probably too busy for an interview with a small-time blogger lol.

I highly recommend buying this book if you are a true crime fan.

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