Book Review: Making a Case for Innocence by April Higuera

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April Higuera: Making a Case for Innocence front coverMaking a Case for Innocence: True stories of a criminal defense investigator by April Higuera
Published by April Higuera (September 7, 2016)
Genres: Autobiographies; True Crime
Pages: 254
Format: Kindle
Source: Publisher
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From Amazon:

TRUE CRIME THRILLER with a twist. Written first-hand by the actual investigator in DEFENSE of real people charged with murder.

A criminal justice system that is blind to some while embracing others for unconscious and unconscionable reasons.

Empowering, inspiring, evocative journey of a real-life seasoned criminal defense investigator through guilt, innocence, and the court system.

Entertaining personal stories and gritty details of real murders.

Throughout her true dark and gritty stories and commentary on the legal system, April entertains us with wit and humor while describing her personal and professional journey through the criminal justice system as she helps defend otherwise average citizens who are accused of heinous, violent crimes, and shares her best practices for uncovering and laying out the evidence against the accused.

Experience an emotional roller coaster ride as April confronts the corruption and ineptitude that plague our broken justice system, unearthing the evidence that she hopes will set her clients free.

An experienced and successful criminal defense investigator, Ms. Higuera outlines her practical guidance for investigation work, why defense investigation is essential in every criminal case (even when a client confesses!). She effectively outlines the official misconduct that pervades our criminal justice system. The author’s anecdotes ring painfully true for the practicing defense investigator. Her stories offer newcomers the “dark side” insight into best practices and methods.

Visit the author’s website to learn more and share your stories:

About the Author

April Higuera April Higuera is the owner and principal agent of ADH Investigations, specializing in criminal defense investigation of violent crimes on county, state, and federal levels. April has a lengthy record of assisting wins for defense in complex criminal cases, including homicides with gang and organized crime enhancements, sexual assaults, battery, robbery, kidnapping and felony drug cases. Her work has been praised by judges, attorneys, colleagues and clients across the country.

Currently located in Reno, Nevada, ADH Investigations performs fieldwork investigations in both Nevada and California. In addition to writing commentary on the criminal justice system for public awareness, April provides consultation services nationally, including detailed case reviews, investigation strategies and practices, and individualized guidance leading local defense teams through their pre-trial and post-conviction investigations.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book and it might be my favorite autobiography to date! Reading it, I learned many things I had not known previously about trials and forensic evidence. As I read through the book, I highlighted information I felt would help me in the near future when writing my true crime blog posts.

April discusses cases she has previously worked on, mixing in humor and personal opinion into each story told.

Her career is one to be envied by the true crime fan and blogger. It takes her all over the country and often to places the rest of us would never step foot in. She digs deep into each case she is working on. April is able to view the evidence, interview witnesses and the accused, and sometimes is present in court with the defense.  While her job can be dangerous at times, April maintains pure professionalism during an interview by putting her fears aside and focusing 100% on the case. Her goal is to help the defense win the case and possibly clear an innocent person of the crime he or she is accused of. This does not make her well-liked by the prosecution, judges, or police, especially in cases involving corruption within the criminal justice system.

If you’re a true crime blogger, fan, podcaster, etc, you will enjoy this book.

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