Juliana Redding Murder: Worst Case of Injustice Ever?

Well, I believe it is. I saw this on 48 Hours a few months ago and it just pissed me off. So, yep, it made it on my blog.

Juliana Redding
Juliana Redding

Shortly after 6 p.m. on March 16, 2008, Officer Scott McGowan arrived at the Santa Monica, California home of 21-year-old aspiring model and actress, Juliana Redding, for a welfare check after her mother in Arizona could not reach her after several attempts by phone.

McGowan’s knocking and shouting went unanswered. He noticed a small amount of blood on the sidewalk and was overwhelmed by the smell of gas coming from inside. He quickly established there was no forced entry or any broken windows. Because of the smell of gas, he called the fire department and with the help of another officer trained in picking locks, they managed to get in the apartment.

Once inside, the cops noticed a candle burning on the coffee table. As they entered the kitchen, one of the burners on the stove was turned all the way up with the pilot light off. They quickly realized this was a bomb waiting to go off and a fast way to get rid of evidence.

From the kitchen, McGowan could clearly see Juliana lying dead on the bed in her bedroom.


Police began investigating the crime scene right away and quickly established there was no forced entry or any broken windows, which meant Juliana knew her attacker and willingly let him or her into her apartment. The police believe the killer entered the apartment around 10 p.m. on March 15th.

A neighbor had reported hearing screams and furniture moved around 9:53 p.m.

Crime scene investigators were able to collect a large amount of DNA at the crime scene. Blood was found on Juliana’s skin and clothes, cellphone, the stove knob and a drop of blood was on a plate.

Police later checked Juliana’s cell phone and saw that she called 911 but the call was terminated before it could go through.

Overall, the crime scene looked like a hasty attempt by the killer to clean up the blood. A bottle of household cleaner and a scrub brush were found on the kitchen counter.

A forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy on Juliana recounted the contusions and cuts that covered her body. Burst capillaries in her eyes, he said, indicated that the killer had clenched Juliana’s throat so tightly that the flow of blood was stopped. Bones in her neck had been crushed and scratches under her chin, he said, came from Juliana’s own fingernails as she fought desperately to break her attacker’s grip (Los Angeles Times).

Police began interviewing Juliana’s friends and family to determine who might want to hurt her.

uwaydahAt one time, Juliana was romantically involved with her boss, Dr. Munir Uwaydah, a business partner of her father, Greg Redding. According to the Daily Mail, Greg Redding had agreed to go into business with Dr Uwaydah, managing a pharmacy and helping to develop products for a medical manufacturing company the Lebanese American businessman had founded.

In October 2007, Greg learned that Uwaydah was married and had children. He then advised his daughter to end her relationship with the physician. Five days before Juliana’s murder, Greg pulled out of the business venture after growing suspicious of Uwaydah.

As the investigation continued, detectives learned that Uwaydha hired Kelly Soo Park, a 47-year-old real estate broker,  to intimidate people Kelly Soo Parkwho wronged him. Greg Redding once referred to her as Uwaydah’s James Bond. Park was tall and ballsy and wasn’t afraid to get in a person’s face. She was his “muscle”.

The DNA tested came back and  belonged to a female. Police followed Park and picked up one of her cigarette butts. Her DNA matched the DNA found at the crime scene.

Arrest and Trial

On March 17, 2010, Park was arrested for Juliana’s murder. She pleaded not guilty and was given a $3.5 million bail. Two days after Park’s arrest, Uwaydah fled the country. It is believed he went to Beirut and remains there today.

Prosecutors believed Park was hired by Uwaydah to intimidate and scare the daughter of Greg Redding as payback for Greg backing out of their business deal, but the intimidation process went terribly wrong and Park killed Juliana.

However, for some screwed up reason, the jury never hears this.

The case finally went to trial in May 2013. The prosecution opened with the DNA evidence, believing this was a slam-dunk conviction due to the overwhelming amount found at the crime scene and the fact that it matched Park’s DNA. The defense never tried proving it wasn’t Park’s DNA. Instead, the defense argued that the DNA evidence found and tested did not prove Park killed Juliana because the DNA could have been transferred. According to 48 Hours,  the real killer could have cleaned up the crime scene, expunged it of all DNA, then inadvertently planted Kelly Soo Park’s DNA by using a towel that Kelly may have used once five months earlier at Dr. Uwaydah’s Beverly Hills house — a place Park had visited and Juliana had once lived.

And the jury bought it.

Despite overwhelming DNA evidence and matching that DNA to Park, Park was acquitted of the murder of Juliana Redding.

The two people who were responsible for Juliana’s brutal murder walk free.

And that, my friends, is what injustice is.

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Author: truecrimediva

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  • Lynda

    I just listened to the 48 Hours podcast and found it absolutely jawdropping that nobody has been punished for this girl’s killing. Just appalling

  • rose

    Truecrime diva….. do you know if its possible for the family of Juliana to proceed with a civil law suit? or is there a time limit to file?

    • Hi Rose! It depends on the state the crime occurred in. I believe California’s Statue of Limitations is two years from the time of the person’s death.

  • She’s literally another gold digging typical.

    • Real truth

      Jeffrey, You idiot. Please keep rude comments to yourself. Juliana was smart and young and got caught up with the wrong person at the wrong time. She was nothinbut kind to everyone. She tried to distance herself and they killed her! She was an innocent girl — happy young daughter and friend to many people. Worst injustice EVER!!! Beyond sad!!!!

  • Julie

    Just when you think that there can’t be a dumber group of people serving on one jury, something like this happens. What the hell could they have been thinking?

    • I know, right?? I don’t know how they can even live with themselves after that!

      • Julie

        Not to promote vigilante thinking, but if she did that to MY daughter, I’m not sure I could let it go. She MIGHT suffer a very unfortunate accident …

    • Alex

      Just like the OJ Simpson criminal trial. Once again, stupid and moronic Californians failing to convict despite overwhelming evidence.

  • Kari

    I cant believe what Im reading. Transfer DNA? Really? Why would they have gone through all that trouble wiping down DNA and then transferring DNA if they turned the gas on to blow the place up?

    • Exactly! They wouldn’t have. The whole point to having it blow up was to get rid of any evidence left at the scene. So, this theory from the defense was just bogus.

  • JojoPop

    Omg i watched this show too and i got so annoyed. That must be the stupidest jury ever. Like wth is wrong with the people. DNA everywhere and the jury bought the story that her DNA might be transferred from the towel. So stupid. Her DNA was found everywhere at the crime scene. Like seriously. Im so mad. That is injustice right there. I pity Juliana Redding and her family. Just remember there’s karma and that kelly person will get her retribution.

  • Sherry

    Well, the jury are most likely bribed. Cmon the xena looking bitch hired them through her Defense. Otherwise I think even the blind can see she’s guilty. Agree this is injustice. I can’t wait to see how karma will strike the jury, that bitch and the dr right where it hurts. Hell awaits u guys.

    • Rose

      It’s sick and very depressing. Kelly park and Munir would be serving life in prison if they didn’t have the large bank accounts to hire their attorneys. It’s the worst injustice ever that kelly soo park got away with murder. Sad everyone was and still is too afraid to speak the truth about munir uwaydah and his involvement because he will sue the heck out of you for his own pleasure and or have someone from his team threaten to kill you. I was hoping the horrible group of monsters including kelly park and munir would finally serve life in jail after the huge medical fraud case but no! Looks like their defenses attorneys got them out of that again. Kathleen (the judge of both cases…. should have overruled these idiots) this is wrong wrong wrong wrong!!!! She let the murders and thieves get away again. Never forget

  • Larry Gabbert

    Hummmm, well being a retired criminal investigator iam very familure with DNA and such as well as the court system. I agree with the first comment. Even if the DNA was transferred as the Defence claimed the jury should have considered the fingerprints of the suspect. As it is well known that even if DNA was transferred you cannot transfer a fingerprint of another. So correct stupid people on the jury that plainly disregarded the evidence in the case and thought DNA transfer would include fingerprint..

    With respect to the Judge there is no blame attributed as the judge merely rules on evidence based on the rules of court and justice. Which is clearly everyone has a right to a fair trial.

    Last, there is further no need to attack her defence attorney as having a law degree myself his argrument was brillient as far as the timing. The defence never question the validity of the DNA as presented by the prosecution. Nor did the defence raise the issues during trial as it would certainly be challenged by the prosecution. After the trial both sides present a final argrument in the case which there are no objections or responses from the other. The prosecution gave their final argrument and the defence attorney included in his final argrument the issues regarding the transfer of DNA and stayed way away from the fingerprint issue. Thus, creating a doubt in the jurys mind that the suspect may not have done the crime because the possibility of DNA transfer.

    Is the suspect Guilty….. Yes there is no doubt in my mind that woman killed Julianna. Did she get away with murder…… Yes but not at the fault of the judge, prosecution Attorney or the defense Attorney. Simply it was the ignorance of the 12 in the box that created this grave in justice of law. My Heart goes out to her family and you may find some comfort in contacting Ron Goldmen and Nicole Simpsons family through their organization.

    • Justice

      If you’re an attorney you may want to use spell check as you’ve misspelled defense more than once in you large email.

  • Lincoln Meredith

    It’s nearly impossible to prove that Park “didn’t” do it, her fingerprint on the nob of the stove, her fingerprint on a door handle, Parks Dna on Juliannas vest, & throat, forensic expert’s saying it’s near impossible to transfer so much of Parks DNA from a towel from 5 months ago of another place into Juliannas house, & Park has never stepped foot in Juliannas house or even met her

  • rick burke

    This has to be the stupidist judge and jury ever assembled and the fastest dissapearing jury that cannot be found on their accountability and how they decided this verdict: What a dunb-ass jury!Defence lawyers probably are accountable for not fighting for this dead girl: And this father, why didnt he make a press conference or something:Shame,shame on this ridicoulous jury!

    • Exactly! Couldn’t agree more!

    • Real truth

      He should kill Kelly park and call it a day