Friends of TCD

by True Crime Diva

Here is a list of other true crime websites. To visit each site, click on its name below.


My friend, “Shurlock”, over here has been writing true crime for several years. He gives an honest analysis of each case he covers and takes no BS from anyone.

Dickie Floyd Novels

Dickie is a retired homicide detective from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department who now works as a private investigator and consultant.

The True Crime Files

If you have not visited this site, please do! My friend Christine covers various unsolved cases and turns articles into podcast episodes.

True Crime Unsolved

Per the website: “A place where unsolved cases and mysteries from around the world will get the recognition they deserve, in hopes that new information will come to light, and we can get the answers on what really happened.”

Unsolved Appalachia

Per their site: “A website dedicated to detailing missing and unidentified persons as well as unsolved murders of the Appalachian region of the United States.”

Heading Title

True Crime Diva covers missing persons and unsolved cases around the globe.

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