The Murder of Dr. Margo Prade – did ex-husband kill her?

Dr. Margo PradeOn the morning before Thanksgiving 1997, Dr. Margo Prade, age 41, was gunned down in the parking lot of her busy medical office on Wooster Avenue in Akron, Ohio. She was shot six times. Surveillance video from a nearby store captured a figure in white approach her mini van, enter for a brief period, then run away. This footage was very grainy and it was hard to determine if the killer was male or female.

Margo’s ex-husband, Douglas Prade, had been a cop with the Akron Police Department for 30 years at the time of her murder. He was ultimately tried and convicted of her murder all because of what APPEARED to be a bite mark on her arm. Interestingly, a bite mark is not as reliable as DNA or fingerprints.

The odd thing about this bite mark? It was left by the lower teeth only. Douglas does wear dentures for his upper teeth. But why would he bite her that way when it would be so obvious it was him?

Douglas took a polygraph test and passed. Initially, the test cleared him of any wrongdoing in Margo’s death.

He also had an alibi for the morning of Margo’s murder. He says he was at the local gym working out. Another member there verified he was at the gym as he said.


Somewhere along the line, the prosecution¬†took over the investigation, yanked it right out from under Akron PD’s shoes, so to speak. The prosecutor felt that the current police chief as well as others in the department would be biased in the investigation.

The prosecutor decided to re-examine the polygraph test. Not surprising, they discovered Douglas showed deception with a couple of particular questions.

Two experts for the prosecution said the bite mark was definitely from Douglas, and of course, the expert for the defense said there was no way it could be him because he couldn’t bite anything. Well, when the defense attorney tried proving it in court by having Douglas bite down on an object, his dentures came out, which apparently proved he bit Margo without his dentures, thus explaining no mark from the upper teeth.

You can read more about this case by Googling “Dr. Margo Prade” or “Douglas Prade”. Too much info for me to put here.

UPDATE: January 2013, Douglas Prade was cleared in Margo’s murder and set free.

UPDATE: January 2016, Douglas Prade was sent back to prison in 2014 on an appeal from prosecution. His daughters, who believe in his innocence, stand by him as he fights for new trial.

( photo by Kyle Robertson)
( photo by Kyle Robertson)
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