Sample Chapter Review: Bound by Law by Lisa Connelly with Amber L Cross

Bound by Law by Lisa Connelly with Amber L. Cross
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From Lisa Connelly’s website:

On July 14, 1993 in a small town in Florida, a young man, Bobby Kent, was murdered by his peers, some even called them friends. The nation clamored to understand the motivation for the teen’s aberrant behavior. In their desperate search for an explanation, they painted Lisa Connelly as a monster, masterminding the entire gruesome thing. Books were written and movies were made to promote this narrative and sensationalize the tragedy, all while Lisa remained silent letting the twisted stories and perspectives of others fill the void. Until now.

Her story is not a rehashing of the terrible murder, but instead a story of personal struggle and growth in the face of overwhelming darkness. For the first time, she relives why she remained silent rather than saving a life and the consequences that followed. In the end, it is a story of finding hope and reasons to live.

About the Authors

Lisa Connelly:

Since her trial, Lisa has remained largely silent on her experiences. She lives a quiet life with her family, spending her time reflecting, growing and learning. She is ready to share her experiences now, in the hopes of helping others who are faced with bullying, peer pressure, the challenges of our judicial system, life after prison and finding your identity in the midst of hardship.

Amber L Cross:

Amber is an accomplished author and ghostwriter with published works in fiction and nonfiction genres including memoirs, romance, literary fiction, science-fiction, true crime, self-help, business, and medicine. She began her professional life as a writing teacher before becoming an author and ghostwriter.

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My Thoughts

This is my first sample chapter review. I was asked by Lisa and Amber to read a portion of Chapter One of Bound by Law and then write a review, so here goes!

Lisa gave me the link to her website and even messaged me on Twitter so I would know what the book was about. However, I purposely did not visit the site or read her message until after I read the chapter. I wanted to know nothing about what I was reading. I am not sure why I did that, but I’m glad I did.

At first, I was not getting into it, but I always give a book more than one chapter anyway so I kept reading.

As I continued, it got better and better and I went from bored to WHAT THE HELL in a matter of minutes. Lisa is telling the reader what it’s like to be in jail for two years and then leave for prison. So, of course, I was like, “She was in jail? She’s going to prison?? WHAT?”

I had to know more! I had to know WHY.

I kept reading.

But of course, I did not learn why in only part of a chapter.

Let me just say this. By only giving me a glimpse into this book, Lisa and Amber had me yearning to read more! I did not want to stop there!

After I finished, I read the message from Lisa. Then I hit Google (of course) to look up the case. I fully believe there are two sides to every story and Lisa has every right to tell hers. I cannot imagine going through what she did all those years ago, and I am anxious to hear it from her perspective.

I cannot wait to read the whole book when it is published, and I can only hope that Lisa and Amber will allow me the opportunity to review it here for you! Maybe they would even agree to an interview! 🙂

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