TCD’s Thoughts: Reny Jose

Reny Jose missing flyer

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As I stated at the beginning of the post I did on Reny’s case, the case itself is eerily similar to Brittanee Drexel’s case. They’re not connected, but it’s weird how similar they are.

Like Brittanee, Reny was from New York and disappeared while on spring break. Reny was with a group of friends his family knew little about. These questionable “friends” bailed immediately after Reny went missing. Neither Brittanee or Reny have been found. Weird, right? Yet, not connected, I’m sure. read more

TCD’s Thoughts: Kyle Seidel

Kyle Seidel
Kyle Seidel

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I think there are at least three possibilities as to why Kyle was in that parking lot.

  1. He was meeting someone he knew.
  2. A cop pulled Kyle over for whatever reason.
  3. Road rage incident

Whoever it was didn’t waste any time in shooting him. But why? What the hell was the reason? From what I read, Kyle didn’t have any enemies.

The road rage incident almost makes the most sense because the crime happened so quickly and Kyle had no intention of going to any place other than the Chinese restaurant. read more

TCD’s Thoughts: Johnny Gosch

Johnny Gosch
Johnny Gosch

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There is a ton of information on this case, with some articles going farther in-depth than I chose to go. I decided to stick to the basics of the case.

So, here’s what I have to say about it.

I find it a little strange that Johnny was able to leave his home without his parents knowledge. His dad should have been up and ready to go with him, as he always had done so in the past. Why wasn’t he ready on this day? read more

TCD’s Thoughts: Mitchell Deon Owens


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A few things come to mind about this case.

Why would a man severely attack and practically kill a woman over her refusal for him to buy her a drink? I know there are a lot of crazies out there who probably would do that, but I don’t think that’s the case here.

I am more interested in the man who claimed he was a police officer. He knocked on her door the same day of the attack, but earlier in the day. Menlo PD denies having a cop there that day, so I think it makes more sense that THIS guy may have been the one. Did he match the description of the attacker? read more

TCD’s Thoughts: Toni Danielle Clark


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Once I read about this case, I was instantly drawn to Toni. She was a beautiful girl who had her whole life in front of her. It just pisses me off that she was robbed of this.

Without having a lot of info on this case, I have some questions about it.

  • Toni’s bracelet and the keys were left in the car. According to reports, she NEVER took her bracelet off. Why would she take it off at this particular moment? Did someone make her remove it. If so, why? I don’t think she walked to get help because she would have taken both items with her.
  • I could find nothing about Toni’s purse. A girl doesn’t leave home without it. The purse would have held her driver’s license, wallet, personal items, etc. If she was the one who left her bracelet and keys in the car, then why didn’t the police find her purse? What happened to the purse? They didn’t find it in the water.
  • How long had Toni and/or her car been on the bridge before the car got hit? What time did her car break down?
  • I know witnesses saw the man under the hood. Who was this guy? When did he arrive at the scene? Was Toni there? Why didn’t he ever come forward? What about the guy walking away? Same guy?
  • If witnesses didn’t see her go over the railing, did they see her at all? No witnesses saw her being abducted or walking away from the scene but they saw this man under the hood of the Camaro and the other guy walking away. This is what I don’t understand. Witnesses saw these men but nothing regarding what Toni was doing. We know Toni was not there when police arrived 6 minutes after her car was hit.
  • I noticed from pictures of the Bay Bridge that there are call boxes on it. Why didn’t Toni use one to call police as soon as her car broke down? If my car had broken down here at midnight, you can best believe I would have walked to a call box right away. No witnesses saw her walking.
  • If the U.S. Coast Guard did not find her body, then why the hell did the police close the case? Why were they not open to other scenarios, like an abduction?
  • What about the father of her baby and her boyfriend? Are they one and the same? If so, what was he doing the night she disappeared? There is no mention of him at all in any articles I could find.
  • I believe it’s possible the caller was Toni, but why didn’t she speak to her mother? Maybe she had just a few seconds of opportunity and wanted to hear her mother’s voice. Maybe she was too overcome with emotion after hearing her mother on the other end and couldn’t speak. She could have suffered trauma at this point. Or maybe the kidnapper got some sick pleasure out of her mother’s pain and forced her to make the call. 40 seconds seems a bit long to not say anything so maybe she wasn’t allowed to speak.

The fact that her car broke down means that this was probably a moment of opportunity for the abductor versus a planned abduction. I don’t believe Toni fell into the water. If that were the case, her body would have been found and her bracelet would have still been on her wrist and not in the car, I’m assuming.  The Coast Guard was searching within minutes after the collision so I don’t buy the theory that her body followed the tide out to the Golden Gate Bridge. People jump off the Golden Gate Bridge every year. Most of the time they find their bodies, so I think if she fell into the water, her body would have been found. read more

TCD’s Thoughts: Daniel Entwistle


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I have researches hundreds of missing person cases, most of them children. I have never heard of Daniel Entwistle until recently. I literally just stumbled upon him. His case is starting to get more attention, as it should, so I figured it would be a perfect case for this blog.

So, here I go!

Let me just say this: I have a boy the same age as Daniel. There is no way in hell I would EVER have let him walk to a store for me by himself at seven years of age. I don’t care if it was close by. I would never have done it.  I would have been with him. The fact that Daniel’s father let him go by himself is a little suspicious to me. And apparently, Daniel could play where ever and whenever he wanted. I would never have been comfortable letting my son roam free, and I certainly would never allow him to play near a river. read more

TCD’s Thoughts: Kyron Horman

Kyron Horman
Last photo taken of Kyron Horman at the Science Fair June 4, 2010. Photo credit: KOIN

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My main reason for writing this post is to point out a few things that I’m unsure of – like Terri being responsible for Kyron’s disappearance, for one. For the longest time, I really believed she was responsible. But once I started reading more on it, I am not convinced of her guilt.

I refuse to believe word-of-mouth about Terri’s involvement. Kyron’s parents have been bashing her left and right, even going as far as to protest outside her home. But before I condemn her, I want solid, physical evidence she is guilty. Call me crazy. read more