The Brutal Rape and Murder of Linda Daniels

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again – I HATE POLICE CORRUPTION.

While researching a couple of New Mexico cases, I discovered a significant amount of corruption and cover-ups in the Albuquerque New Mexico police department. This started at least 30 years ago and is currently going on as I write this. Many victims of homicide have never received justice because their killers were protected. In addition, several people turned up missing during this reign of CRAP and certain officers within the APD are either responsible OR know who is and refused to do their jobs as cops. The latter is partly true for the fact that some of these cops were into the drug trafficking business and protected the perpetrators.

Because of all  I discovered, after this post I am going to write a series of posts about corrupt cases that occurred in New Mexico, starting here with Linda Daniels. There are so many victims who were betrayed by the people who were supposed to serve and protect them that it is just ridiculous. read more

Who Murdered PI Daniel Morgan in 1987? Police Corruption Possible in Case

I hate police corruption. When it comes to crime, nothing ticks me off more. Why be a cop if you’re just going to break the law, and do the opposite of what your job beholds?

This is another case where there has not been any justice because of an obvious cover-up. There is TONS of info about this case but I am not going to put it all in this post. Hello, I have a life. read more

The Newlywed Murders: Dyke and Karen Rhoads

Paris, Illinois is a small farming town in the eastern part of the state in Edgar County. For the most part, this town, which once bragged it was “The Midwest’s most kept secret”, is a quiet town. Not many people would think a town this size would harbor many deadly secrets. But it does. And then some. This town is known for the Newlywed Murders as well as many other unsolved murders, and even the Sicilian Mafia. Yeah, it’s the ultimate place to live, wouldn’t you say? 😉 read more