Sample Chapter Review: Bound by Law by Lisa Connelly with Amber L Cross

Bound by Law by Lisa Connelly with Amber L. Cross
Genres: Autobiographies
Chapter source: Authors

From Lisa Connelly’s website:

On July 14, 1993 in a small town in Florida, a young man, Bobby Kent, was murdered by his peers, some even called them friends. The nation clamored to understand the motivation for the teen’s aberrant behavior. In their desperate search for an explanation, they painted Lisa Connelly as a monster, masterminding the entire gruesome thing. Books were written and movies were made to promote this narrative and sensationalize the tragedy, all while Lisa remained silent letting the twisted stories and perspectives of others fill the void. Until now.
Her story is not a rehashing of the terrible murder, but instead a story of personal struggle and growth in the face of overwhelming darkness. For the first time, she relives why she remained silent rather than saving a life and the consequences that followed. In the end, it is a story of finding hope and reasons to live. read more