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A Little Bit About Me

Hi there! My name is Deb, and I am the founder of TrueCrimeDiva.com. I am 52 years old and married with two grown children and two grandchildren. I reside in a tiny town in Illinois (we don’t even have a stoplight, but there is a bar. There is always a bar.). I love true crime, cooking, 80s movies, 80s music (best decade EVER), social media (although I suck at it), quiet moments alone, coffee, and an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day.

About the Blog

True Crime Diva (TCD) is strictly an opinion-based blog discussing various criminal cases worldwide. I established it in 2010 as a means for me to give my opinion/insight into solved/unsolved cases. I focus primarily on older unsolved cases. There is no method to my true crime madness when writing cases; I go with my gut. I could research 1,000 cases, and only one will stand out the most. That is the one I write.

Something You Should Know

  • I am not a professional investigator or law enforcement official. I’m just a simple person with a big interest in true crime who cares about the victims. I do not consider myself an amateur sleuth. Unlike them, I let the professionals do the work. I do not investigate cases.
  • Please don’t come here telling me my information is inaccurate. Seriously, don’t. Read the disclaimer.
  • I moderate all comments. So, before commenting for the first time, I suggest you read my comment policy.


I appreciate feedback on my blog and also love articles and case suggestions. Email me if you have an unsolved or missing person case or bizarre story suggestion.

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Updated October 2022.

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True Crime Diva covers missing persons and unsolved cases around the globe.

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