Gail Miles: Who killed the 61-year-old retired police officer?

Gail Miles
Photo credit: WBUR

Gail Miles, 61, was a retired Watertown, Massachusetts police officer, having worked for the department from 1984 until her retirement in 2004. When she was hired, Gail was the first black police officer and only the second female officer at Watertown Police Department (WPD).

Throughout her 20 years of service, Gail endured severe sexual harassment and racism by male officers in the department. Gail documented all of it in personal journals, and even sued the police department in 2000. read more

Carla Rebecca Corley: Teen missing since 1980

Carla CorleyCarla Rebecca Corley, age 14, disappeared from her home at the Eastwood Projects in Birmingham, Alabama on August 12, 1980 (some reports say August 8).

That night, Carla and her mother were watching television together. Carla’s mom eventually went to bed; Carla stayed up. The next morning Carla’s mom awoke to the sound of the television channel going off air for the night (Back then, TV stations did not air shows all night, only up to a certain time). read more

Interview with Fort Dix 5 Producer and Director Vinu Joseph

Dear Readers:

This is something you normally do not see on my blog – an interview with a documentary filmmaker. However, I’ve been wanting to add something more to this blog. When I was approached by Vinu Joseph to help get the word out about his new documentary film, Fort Dix 5 , I jumped at it. After swapping a few emails with Vinu and watching the trailer, I had the opportunity to interview him. Here is my interview with Vinu Joseph. read more

The Unsolved 1988 Murder of Texas Girl Cortney Clayton

Stamford, Texas is a small community just 40 miles north of Abilene. It is the epitome of small town America – mom and pop shops, a town square, friendly people.

In the ’80s, population was close to 4,000. Stamford was considered a safe place to live and raise a family. Not the type of place you would expect to find evil lurking in its bushes. read more