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It has come to my attention that a user on Reddit is sharing my articles. No biggie. However, this person is NOT giving me proper credit. Shocker. Smh.

So, of course people who previously visited or currently visit my blog are asking if that’s me. I have had this happen on Twitter as well.

if the user name is not “truecrimediva” then it is not me.

The only exception is Facebook because some asshole used “truecrimediva” as their personal profile username before I created my page. On Facebook, I go by “originaltruecrimediva.”

On Instagram: truecrimediva
On Pinterest: truecrimediva
On Twitter: truecrimediva
On Reddit: truecrimediva

I  am NOT on any other social media site.

It pisses me off that I actually have to write this post; however, this is the internet we are talking about.

But let me be clear: I do not mind people sharing my posts. In fact, I would love it if they did as long as I am given proper credit for it.

I sent the Reddit user a private message AND responded to a couple of my articles she posted on there. I have not heard back as of this writing.

if you see my post somewhere other than this blog

If you see my articles elsewhere on the internet and I am not given proper credit, I encourage my readers to let the poster know who the article actually belongs to and tell him or her to credit me if they have not done so. If they do not credit me, contact me and I will directly contact them myself.

I work hard on each post I write and I do not want people “stealing” my work.

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