Toni Danielle Clark: Missing from California Since 1990

toniclarkOn March 16, 1990, 17-year-old Toni Danielle Clark left Oakland, CA and headed to her home in San Bruno, CA after visiting friends and family. Before she left, the Chevy Camaro she borrowed from her boyfriend kept stalling. After several failed attempts, the car finally started, and Toni began the drive home.

Shortly after leaving Oakland, the car stalled again on the Bay Bridge. Some witnesses recalled seeing a black male under the hood of the vehicle and others saw a man walk away.

At around midnight, another car collided with the Camaro, hitting it from behind.

When police arrived six minutes later, Toni was not on scene. Her bracelet, which she never took off, and the car keys were on the passenger side floor board.

The police assumed she was standing in front of her vehicle when the other driver hit the Camaro, sending her over the railing of the bridge and into the water below. The U.S. Coast Guard dragged the bottom of the bay, but Toni and her clothes were never found.

According to ABC News, the Highway Patrol consulted an expert who said the body would have followed the tide out to the Golden Gate Bridge, and a few weeks later the case was closed.

Witnesses did not see Toni go over the railing of the bridge, only the wreckage of her car after it was struck.

The police today still believe this is what happened to Toni.

The man who ran into Toni’s car was was tried for vehicular manslaughter and later acquitted due to lack of evidence proving Toni was deceased.

About a week after Toni disappeared, her mother, Gwen Clark, received a strange phone call. On the other end, she could hear someone crying for about 40 seconds, but no words were spoken. She believed this was her daughter. The call could not be traced due the short amount of time the caller was on the line. It was never confirmed that Toni was in fact the caller.

Gwen Clark and her other daughter, Clarissa, in 1998.

Also after Toni disappeared, Gwen put up flyers in the area. She went back soon after and discovered they had been taken down.

Toni was two months pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

To read my opinion on this case, please click here.

Sources: ABC News, The Charley Project, San Francisco Chronicle

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  • Shandra Bryant

    Hello Guys,
    I am so glad that, ‘missing’ people of color are continually being talked about. Recently, I watched a movie called,’Mute’. It showed how missing people of color are not a number one priority when it comes to missing.

    It showed exactly what happens when a white girl goes missing vs. a black girl going missing. I will continue to follow your blog.


    • Hi Shandra! I will have to check that out. You’re right, there is a difference when a white girl goes missing versus a black girl. It should NOT be this way. A missing person is a missing person! I fully believe we should highlight those cases people tend to forget or are never talked about.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Josette

    I have been a reader of your blogs for years now. I was sad to see u take some time off. I had to find u through twitter but I took a night and got caught back up. I had told you about Jennifer Bryan Jones murder in my home town. Also there are the Freeman/Bible disappearance from about 15 years ago. So sad check it out. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

    • Hi Josette! I truly appreciate you as a reader!! Thank you so much! I had some personal stuff to take care of but I am back. Going to try to post more often now that the holidays are over with!

      I will check out the Freeman/Bible disappearance, too!