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First, let me just say, being a mother myself, I cannot imagine the horror of waking up and your baby is GONE. To me, that is a fate worse than death.  That child depends on you.  He came from your loins. You’ve bonded with him, held him, fed him.  Then, POOF! It all ends. Tragic and heartbreaking. I would have lost my mind. I’d want to hunt down the kidnapper and give him or her a fate worse than death. Just sayin’.

I think this is a no-brainer and should have been solved a long time ago. I really do believe Bradshaw kidnapped Christopher on July 15, 1986. The Abeytas reunited on July 14. Hours later Christopher goes missing. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

The fact that he was taken right from his crib suggests to me that this kidnapping was personal, a vendetta if you will. Whoever took this baby did not fear getting caught, almost as if the motive and desire to kidnap him outweighed any reasonable thought.

If Emma did take Christopher, what did she do with him? Sell him? She didn’t take him to raise because he would have been seen. At one time, the Abeytas believed that Christopher may have been taken to Mexico. Does she have family down there? Maybe he was raised by them. So, where is he now?

Or maybe she killed him. The woman wasn’t all there. She could have killed him out of jealousy and rage. After all, she was a jilted lover who thought Gil was going to marry her. Instead, he went back to his wife. How angry did that make her?

Let’s say that was the case. Why take Christopher? Why not kill Bernice or Gil, or both of them? Why did she take the baby? Maybe it was the perfect way to destroy the couple, taking away what they loved the most.

Colorado Springs PD say that Bradshaw has never been a suspect. Say, what?!? Do you find that odd? I do! She had an affair with Gil and he left her in the dust.  HOURS after he moved back home, Christopher disappears. And she was never a suspect? Did Emma have friendships in the CSPD? I’m thinking that’s a good possibility. I suppose they will say there is no evidence linking her to the crime. Well, there wouldn’t be. She just walked right into the house, grabbed Christopher, and left. From what I read, police never dusted the house for fingerprints. Nice work there, PD.

I’d like to think Christopher is out there living his life, with no knowledge of his former life. In fact, I believe he is. I also believe Bradshaw knows exactly where he is, even to this day.

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  • Ted7 l1j

    Here’s a really stupid question: WHY in the world would ANY family (especially those with young children) leave their damn doors unlocked!? ESPECIALLY since the 1960s!

    • I grew up in a small town in the Midwest (70s and 80s) and my parents NEVER locked the doors. They didn’t think anything of it. Maybe that was the case here, I don’t know. I was the complete opposite. My doors were always locked.

  • Well, this does appear to be a no-brainer case against Bradshaw, but one major issue I have is regarding lighting. If no lights were left on in the house, she would have had to walk up those steps, through the hallway, into the room and back holding a baby. Wouldn’t it have been pitch black? Or if she brought a flashlight, wouldn’t the light have stirred someone in the house? I can totally understand the motive as taking the baby away would have crashed perhaps the reasoning for the couple’s reunion. Also troubling is her account that their affair continued for a great many years after the disappearance. When you consider these conditions, could the husband be considered an accomplice? It would be interesting to get both Emma & Gil together in a room and interrogate them both. What actually was the state of their relationship after the baby went missing? If he knew the baby was killed, he would really be a monster to stay involved with this woman, but if he assumed the baby was given away and well taken care of…..maybe a change of heart. In conclusion, my latter remarks, are mentioned because the husband has also joined the family in the belief that Emma Bradshaw is responsible.

  • Pam

    I have no doubt Bradshaw took Christopher…..i pray she gave him to a loving family that had no idea he was stolen……i also worry about her killing him and he is buried in one of two places she was known to be…edpecially the farm……Yes she had friends on the police force and yes evidence was lost…..justice needs to hurry up…..