TCD’s Thoughts: Christopher Abeyta


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First, let me just say, being a mother myself, I cannot imagine the horror of waking up and your baby is GONE. To me, that is a fate worse than death.  That child depends on you.  He came from your loins. You’ve bonded with him, held him, fed him.  Then, POOF! It all ends. Tragic and heartbreaking. I would have lost my mind. I’d want to hunt down the kidnapper and give him or her a fate worse than death. Just sayin’. read more

Christopher Abeyta Kidnapping 1986

christopherbaseball4Picture this.

You awake in the morning, get out of bed, walk 2 or 3 feet to your baby’s crib to pick him up and feed him like you do every morning. As you look into his crib, your heart skips a beat.

Your baby isn’t in his crib. The last place he was known to be. The last place you put him.

You search frantically all over the house, calling out to his siblings to see if he’s in their bedroom with them. All to no avail. read more