Lyle Stevik: Dead Man in Room 5

Thank you to Mary for suggesting this puzzling case!

Lyle StevikLyle Stevik was found dead in room 5 of Lake Quinault Inn in Amanda Park, WA in 2001 from what appeared to be a suicide. Lyle left no identification and police were unable to find out his true identity. They were certain Lyle Stevik was not his real name. To this day, his identity remains unknown. read more

What Happened to Patricia Viola?

The case of Patricia Viola was suggested to me by a reader of this blog. Thank you, Ted!

Patricia Viola vanished from her home on February, 13, 2001. A body was found in 2002, later confirmed to be Patricia. However, no one has been arrested and the case remains unsolved.

About the Case

patricia-violaOn February 13, 2001, 42-year-old Patricia Viola left her Bogota, New Jersey home around 8:30 a.m. to volunteer at her son’s school library. Before she left, Patricia set the house alarm. She arrived at the school where she spent three hours volunteering. read more

Peter Falconio: Disappeared in 2001 in Australia

The other night I watched the horror flick, Wolf Creek 2 . I’m a big horror movie fan (go figure), and this one was pretty good and gross. My kind of movie. I read that this one and the first Wolf Creek were based on actual events, so of course, I had to Google it.

While doing so, I came across the true disappearance of Peter Falconio and became very intrigued with this case, so that’s why it’s now on this blog. Apparently, this case made major headlines in Australia and the UK, but I don’t recall ever hearing about it here in the States. There’s a lot of info out there, including the convicted killer’s criminal background, but I’ve kept the actual “About the Case” fairly short. You can always Google it, too. 😉 read more

Bianca Lebron: Still missing after almost 15 years

10-year-old Bianca Lebron of Bridgeport, Connecticut vanished in 2001 after getting into a van driven by an unknown Hispanic male. She has never been seen again.

About the Case

Bianca LebronOn November 7, 2001, Bianca Lebron, 10, arrived at Elias Howe School in Bridgeport, Connecticut to begin a full day of classes. While waiting outside to go in, a man called out to her from a van. He was described as Hispanic, 20-30 years old, and stood 5’8″ – 5’11”. Bianca told a teacher and her friends that she was going shopping with her uncle. read more

The 2001 Death of Two-Year-Old Ricky Morehouse III

Reggy (left) and Ricky (right) Morehouse
Reggy (left) and Ricky (right) Morehouse

On March 3, 2001, two-year-old Ricky Morehouse III and his twin, Reggy, were visiting their mother, Rachel Page (now Rachel Luft) for the weekend at her home in the tiny community of Kent, Iowa. The boys’ dad, Rick Morehouse, Jr., had custody of the toddlers, and they resided with him and Rick’s wife, Robin, about two hours away in Harlan, Iowa. read more