Kathleen Flynn: 11-Year-Old Murdered in Connecticut in 1986

In September of 1986, The Oprah Winfrey Show began broadcasting all across the United states. Top Gun, Stand By Me, and Crocodile Dundee topped the box office chart, while the love song from Top Gun, “Take My Breath Away” made number one on the Billboard list. Beloved shows like Cheers and Golden Girls were making us laugh hysterically from the comfort of our own homes. read more

Anthonette Christine Cayedito: Disappeared from New Mexico in 1986

On Saturday, April 5, 1986, Penny Cayedito left her three daughters in the care of a babysitter while she went out  to a bar called Talk of the Town. She returned around midnight to relieve the babysitter of her duties, and allowed the girls to stay up for a while to play.

Penny said that her oldest daughter, nine-year-old Anthonette slept in her bed with her that night.cayedito read more

Christopher Abeyta Kidnapping 1986

christopherbaseball4Picture this.

You awake in the morning, get out of bed, walk 2 or 3 feet to your baby’s crib to pick him up and feed him like you do every morning. As you look into his crib, your heart skips a beat.

Your baby isn’t in his crib. The last place he was known to be. The last place you put him.

You search frantically all over the house, calling out to his siblings to see if he’s in their bedroom with them. All to no avail. read more

What Happened to 16-year-old Kevin Hicks?

kevin hicksKevin Hicks was a typical teenager in 1986 who loved remote-controlled cars and pop music. On March 2nd, 1986, he left his home on Sissinghurst Road in Croyden, UK at 8:40 p.m. to buy some eggs for a cookery exam the next day, taking only £1 with him. The store was just a few blocks from his home.

Derek Hicks, Kevin’s father, returned home from an emergency at work around 9:00 p.m. When Kevin still was not back at 11 p.m., he drove around looking for him.

His father said that if he was going to be late, he’d always call home. When Kevin didn’t call that night, Derek started calling Kevin’s friends. When that failed, he called the police. read more