The Strange Disappearance of Lars Mittank

28-year-old Lars Mittank of Germany disappeared after fleeing an airport in Bulgaria in July 2014. His bizarre behavior was caught on the airport’s security cam, and he has not bee seen since.

About the Case

Lars MittankOn June 30, 2014, Lars Mittank, 28, traveled to Golden Sands, Bulgaria with a group of friends. The resort town is a popular destination for young Europeans. The group stayed at HVD Viva Hotel and planned on heading home July 7th.

On July 6th, Lars got into a fight with four other men over sports teams. Lars was hit in the ear and suffered a ruptured eardrum. A local doctor who examined him told him he could not fly home the next day as planned (some reports say he was allowed to fly but Lars told his mother he was not or that he chose not to fly home) and prescribed Lars the antibiotic Cefuroxime 500. His friends wanted to stay with him, but Lars insisted he would fine by himself.

Lars’ friends flew back home while Lars rented a cheap room at Color, a local hotel near the center of Varna. That night, he called his mother in Germany and told her he was being followed and did not feel safe staying at this hotel. He claimed four men were following him who wanted to know what the tablets were. He wanted to cancel his credit cards and stated here was something strange about the hotel.

His mother booked him an airplane and bus ticket for home the following day on July 8, 2014.

On July 8, Lars headed back to Varna Airport via a taxi hoping that an airport doctor would allow him to fly home.

This is where the case gets freaky.

Lars is seen on the airport security cam walking into the airport with a red and black backpack and carrying a large duffel bag in his right hand. He’s wearing  a yellow short-sleeved shirt and jean shorts. He stops and talks to a woman. It appears he’s asking her something, perhaps how to get to Medical Services. After he arrives at Medical Services, he spends about 45 minutes there.

An unknown male walked into Medical Services dressed like a construction worker. When Lars saw this man, he became anxious, mumbled something to the doctor, then sprinted out of the airport leaving his luggage and backpack behind. He lightly jogged across the parking lot and scaled a fence. He continued running out of camera’s view. Lars disappeared after that, and has not been seen since.

Lars had no history of mental illness.


The internet is rampant with theories as to what happened to Lars – everything from organ trafficking to Lars being a drug mule to Lars having a bad reaction to the antibiotic he was taking to a head injury from the fight he got into. However, there is no evidence to suggest either of these things happened.

Unconfirmed Sighting

There was an unconfirmed sighting of Lars around Easter 2015 (April 5). A truck driver claimed he gave a young man a ride who matched Lars’ description. However, it is not known where he took the young man.

True Crime Diva’s Thoughts

There are discrepancies in reports that I did find on this case. For example, one report said Lars was with a tour group, and others say he was with friends. So, not sure which is true. Maybe he and his friends went with a tour group.

Some reports also say he got into two fights. The second fight happened after he disappeared from his friends while they were at a McDonald’s. They did not see him until the next morning. They did not believe him when he told them he got beat up by a Russian or Bulgarian who was paid by the four men he fought with earlier. It was after this when Lars went to the doctor over his ear. But if he did disappear from his friends, where the hell was he all night? And why did he leave the group?

I also read that Lars left Hotel Color after talking with his mother about being scared there. This was sometime in the middle of the night and he just went into hiding, basically. Then, took a cab early in the morning to the airport.

Some reports also say that he was allowed to fly home, but chose not to. Well, if this is true, then why did he even bother with the airport doctor? Why didn’t he just get on the damn airplane?

So, I’m not sure what’s true and what isn’t.

Lars had no history of mental illness, so his behavior that day was not like him. Maybe he was taking drugs and people close to him were unaware of it.

I admit when I first saw the video and noticed his bags were not with him after he sprinted from Medical Services, I immediately thought drugs. I thought he had drugs in the bags, panicked, dropped the bags, and that’s why he sprinted out of the airport. The drug mule theory does make sense. But that does not explain why he just keeps running and then scales the fence and is never seen again. Also, the bags he left behind were checked and there was no evidence of drugs inside them.

We know Lars made it to Medical Services because the doctor there confirmed that. At some point, Lars took off his backpack and put the duffel bag down. He is seen on video without these things, but after he’s outside of the airport, he reaches into his left shorts pocket and grabs something. I am assuming it’s his cell phone, but of course, I can’t say for sure. But if it was his cell phone, did he make a call to someone? If so, who? What about cell phone records? Did he use his cell phone after he disappeared?

Who was this mysterious construction worker and was he seen on any of the airport video footage? The above footage is a condensed version of what happened so I’d like to see the whole version. I did not see him on the video above.

It would have made more sense for Lars to stay at the airport where there were many people around. I highly doubt someone would take a chance and harm him in such a busy place as an airport. So when he decided to run, that just didn’t make any sense to me.

There does not appear to be anyone following Lars after he leaves the airport, so that’s kind of weird, too. As fast as he was running out of the airport, I expected someone to be following him.

I checked out Hotel Color on TripAdvisor, and it received many good reviews. That surprised me because when I brought it up on Google Maps Street View, I thought it looked like a place I would never want to stay in lol. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there were illegal activities going on in this neighborhood. Maybe Lars witnessed something he should not have.

Part of me thinks that Lars set this whole thing up to start a new life in Bulgaria.  A bit extreme, I realize, but I just don’t get why he fled the airport leaving all of his belongings behind. Fear? Hell, if that was the case, he should have stayed at the airport among people where it was safer. And why did he insist his friends go home? If that had been me, I would have wanted them with me. Safer in numbers, plus it was just one more day.

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  • sweetface

    Woah, this is crazy! I legitimately have no idea what could have happened here. I guess it is possible but it seems a little weird to me that one fight over a sports team (seriously, who physically fights over sports teams?) could turn into a full blown drama where these guys he fought with are following him.

    The only scenario that possibly makes sense to me is that he suffered a breakdown/psychosis, either brought on from an illness or chemical reaction from the medicine he was given.

    Hopefully they will find him soon.