Disabled Comments on Popular Post Again

Once again I disabled comments on both my posts about Johnny Gosch. All anyone wants to do is bash what me and a few others said about Noreen’s appearance.

So listen up.

That is how I feel and how some others feel. Deal with it.

Of all the damn things people can comment on about this case,they keep commenting about that.

I had to delete a comment today because the person was being mean to another. I will not tolerate that. If you don’t like what is said, you can disagree, but you don’t have to be an asshole about it. I’ll delete the comment and ban the user if need be.

So no more. Ever.

I will no longer allow comments on each post regarding Johnny Gosch. This is forever. I really hate to do that because it is my most popular post, but it’s just beyond ridiculous. And honestly, I’m sick of hearing the negativity.

And this is my blog so there’s that. 🙂


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