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If you would like to contact me, please see the following methods:

  • For case suggestions, guest post submissions (see below for info), website errors, etc:
  • For book reviews: – Not accepting books at this time. 
  • On social media: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram – truecrimediva; Facebook – originaltruecrimediva

Please know I usually check my email towards the end of the week. So, if you email me on a Monday, chances are I won’t read it until Friday or Saturday.

Guest Post Submissions

I’ve been getting several requests for guest posts on this blog. After much thought on this subject (I have only accepted and published one so far), I have decided I will accept them, if and only if, your proposal is on TRUE CRIME cases, preferably unsolved or missing persons ones as they are what I primarily write about. However, I love historical cases, so feel free to approach me from that angle.

Anything outside of true crime will be denied. 

I’m going to be very picky about this because my readers love how I write on this blog. The post needs to be written as if I had written it myself. Please read through my articles to get a feel of how I write. You are more than welcome to include your “thoughts” on the case as I do in my articles. That is entirely up to you, but my readers love it.


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