Carmen Lynn Pearcy: Missing from California Since 2004

This case is a bit strange. There is not a lot of information out there about it. For some reason, I feel like it needs to be here.

About the Case

Carmen Lynn Pearcy
Photo credit: NamUs

48-year-old Carmen Lynn Pearcy was on her way to pick up her grandchildren for a weekend visit in June 2004.  Her Ford F-150 super cab pick-up truck was found abandoned along California’s Interstate 5 near the Gillman Road exit. There was no sign of Carmen.

Three weeks later, Carmen showed up at Klamath Falls Gospel Mission in Klamath Falls, Oregon. She signed in using her real name. Workers at the mission described Carmen as acting “loopy”. She ate and prayed at the mission, but refused to spend the night. Carmen arrived the next morning for breakfast and then left. No one has seen her since.

True Crime Diva’s Thoughts

I could not find any newspaper articles written on Carmen or any sites set up by family members. No Facebook pages either.

I have so many questions.

Was there any damage to her truck? Did she get into an accident? Why was it abandon? Did she voluntarily walk away?

How did she get from the Gillman Road exit to Klamath Falls, Oregon? That is a 2-hour drive. Maybe she hitchhiked? Someone she knew picked her up? Car rental?

Why didn’t she pick her grandchildren up like she planned? If she was going to leave voluntarily, then why bother planning the weekend visit with her grandchildren? And, why would she sign her real name at the shelter if she didn’t want people to find her? What reason would Carmen have to abandon her family and willingly disappear?

Carmen was acting “loopy”, according to the mission workers. One would automatically think medication or drugs, but maybe she hurt her head prior to arriving at the shelter and was a bit confused or disoriented. However, she obviously knew who she was because she signed her real name.

Why didn’t she stay the night at the shelter? She needed food but not shelter? Where did she stay instead? She stayed somewhere, obviously, because she returned to the shelter the next morning. Did anyone else in Klamath Falls see her?

Is it possible that Carmen met someone on her drive to pick up her grandchildren? Gave the wrong person a ride?  This person could have forced her into another vehicle, and drove to Oregon with her. Maybe that’s why she signed in with her real name; hoping it would catch someone’s attention. Maybe that’s why she didn’t stay the night at the shelter, and maybe that’s why she was acting loopy. She was scared or in shock. I don’t know…just a theory. Regardless, I think someone else was with her.

NamUs and The Doe Network say she was last seen in Tehema, CA (The Doe Network also says she was last seen in Redding under “Circumstances of Disappearance”). The Charley Project says Redding. So, I have no idea, considering she was last seen in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Tehema County Sheriff’s Office is listed on NamUs as the county of jurisdiction. This confuses me because Carmen lived in Cottonwood, which is Shasta County. Usually when a person goes missing, the county or city of residence has jurisdiction.

I don’t know why, but this case intrigues me. I just wish there was more info on it. If she did leave voluntarily, somebody helped her.

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Author: truecrimediva

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  • Sandi

    I wondered how they knew it was her at the shelter until I read your post about her signing her name. I too find it really strange that she went to OR without her own vehicle, how did she get there? She must have been with someone or there has to be someone that saw her at some point as she traveled there. I’d like to know what her family thinks, maybe that was her pattern and this time she just didn’t come back? Does she have any friends that might know what happened to her? How does one go from being on their way to pick up their 3 grandchildren to abandoning their vehicle, traveling out of state and disappearing? It doesn’t make sense.