Brianne Ruth Wolgram Missing Since 1998 From Revelstoke, BC

This is one of those cases where I immediately felt a connection to the victim while searching for information on it. The case is a little strange, too, and you’ll see why once you read it.

Brianne WolgramBetween 11:00 and 11:30 pm, Brianne Ruth Wolgram, 19, was last seen at the 7-11 store in Revelsoke, BC on September 5, 1998. Shortly after, the young woman disappeared without a trace. Three young unidentified girls were the last people seen talking with her in the convenience store.

Five days after she vanished, Brianne’s black Acura Integra was found 30 kilometers south of Revelstoke up Echo Lake Road, in the general direction of the Akolkolex Falls & River. This location is about 45 minutes from Brianne’s home. Her keys, ID, and $200 cash were still in her car.

You can view photos of this location and Brianne’s car by clicking here.

The people at Find Brianne Wolgram were allowed ONE picture of the car. They couldn’t post any others, but instead, were allowed to describe the car in text. Slightly weird, don’t ya think? Why won’t the RCMP release those pictures?

  • Outside car on the ground: package of “Colts” (cigarillos), can of Budweiser, empty air freshener package 
  • Inside car: 1 yellow and 1 red air freshener hanging from rearview mirror, beach towel, 1 pouch of cigarettes on console between driver and passenger seat (looks to be either Players brand or Number 7 blue), 6-pack of Grower’s Blackberry Wine Coolers (visibly you can only see two coolers still in the box – one cooler is open – the other closed, the box is only open on one side) 
  • The dash and outside of the car are dusty. 
  • The foliage around the car is quite heavy. The passenger door is ajar as described in media. The passenger window is open. Keys are in the ignition and they appear to be in the “off” position.

The three girls have still not been identified, which I find extremely weird. When I Googled Revelstoke, I noticed that it’s a small town. So how is it possible that nobody in this town has come forward to identify them?

Sketches were drawn of two of the three females, but the sketches are confusing. Two sketches were drawn of each girl. One girl is drawn with short hair AND long hair. HUH?  I think I read that one witness saw this girl with her hair pulled up in a ponytail which explains the short hair. But I think it looks it more like a man or butch girl.

Both witnesses went under hypnosis to remember what the girls looked like.

Brianne and the who-the-hell-knows trio were just hanging out at the 7-11. None of the girls worked there. Brianne, in fact, worked at the local McDonald’s and The Ol’ Frontier’s Supersave gas station.

Unfortunately, Brianne remains missing to this day but her family continues to search for her.

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  • Rhonda

    Hey. All the info on the Find Brianne page is not on one page nor comments and there’s more, potential witnesses, etc., so it’s worth going to the right sidebar to read the comments. Not just the 11 on the first page. A guy has some interesting things to say about what happened at the the MacDonalds. There’s a whole lot of bad police work from the look of things which doesn’t surprise too many of us here north of the border, btw. I question who owned the 711 Brianne was in that night and the oddity of the store’s tape disappearing. I found the page yesterday when trying to discover the death date of an animal, Donald Haye, who had me for a month before he kidnapped Abby Drover in Coquitlam years ago but it (my story) never made the news. I also am trying to find the writer of The Resurrection of Abby Drover, as the author asks questions in the book that I do have the answers to. I do think I know what might have happened to Brianne but do not want to write it out just now. Would seriously like to talk to her friends and family and a few others but that doesn’t seem possible.