Will There Ever Be Justice For Jennifer Short and Her Family?

shortfamilyOn August 15, 2002, the bodies of Michael and Mary Short were discovered in their Henry County, Virginia home. Both had been shot in the head and their phone line was cut prior to their murders. Their nine-year-old daughter Jennifer was missing. A massive search for the girl and her killer ensued.

Finally, on September 25, 2002, her remains were found near a stream bed in North Carolina. She, too, had been shot in the head. read more

The Unsolved Murder of Chance Douglas Smith

I don’t have a lot of info on this case, but it pulled at my heart, so I always say when a case does that then I’m meant to write about it. There is not a lot of info on this case, which surprised me considering it involved a child.

Chance-Douglas-SmithOn Saturday, December 13, 2003, six-year-old Chance Douglas Smith was visiting his grandparents in Locust, North Carolina, a small town about 26 miles east of Charlotte. A neighbor saw Chance follow a dog (one report said it was Chance’s dog) into nearby woods that afternoon. His family reported him missing to police at 3:49 p.m. when the young boy did not return home.

Law enforcement officials and more than 100 volunteers began searching for Chance. At 11:30 p.m., searchers found Chance lying face down in a pasture near the residence of where he was last seen. Police said he didn’t have a pulse and had suffered a blow to the head. He was taken to Stanly Memorial Hospital where doctors worked for hours to save his young life. Sadly, he died in the early morning hours of December 14, 2003. read more

The Death of Theresa Parker: husband convicted but is he guilty of murder?

theresaparker911 dispatcher Theresa Parker, 42, went missing from Lafayette, Walker County, Georgia on March 21, 2007. Her body was found in September 2010, three years after she went missing. Despite there being no physical evidence linking him to her murder, her police officer husband, Sam Parker, was convicted of her murder.

It was reported from Theresa’s friends and family that the marriage between Sam and Theresa was a rocky one, both initiating fights with the other on many occasions. Theresa had threatened divorce a few times before, but always went back to him. In March 2007, still not quite sure leaving him was what she wanted to do, Theresa decided to end the marriage. She had just found a nice apartment and was in the process of moving into it when she disappeared. read more

Where is Vikki Vukelich? Mother Missing Since 1991


On February 23, 1991, Vikki L. Vukelich was last seen by her husband, David, in their home on Tulip Drive in Glenwood, Illinois. According to David, the couple got into an argument about a party. He went to bed and Vikki slept on the couch. When David awoke the next morning, his wife was gone, and there was an empty wine glass in the living room. read more

The Unsolved Death of Daniel J Guyton

On December 2, 1977, Air Force Security Policeman (SP) Daniel J. Guyton of Mattituck, New York was found shot to death in his patrol jeep at Scott Air Force Base outside Belleville, Illinois. The shotgun was between his legs with the barrel up against his chest, the butt of the gun on the floor. He was shot through the chest, the bullet exiting out through his back. read more

Who Murdered PI Daniel Morgan in 1987? Police Corruption Possible in Case

I hate police corruption. When it comes to crime, nothing ticks me off more. Why be a cop if you’re just going to break the law, and do the opposite of what your job beholds?

This is another case where there has not been any justice because of an obvious cover-up. There is TONS of info about this case but I am not going to put it all in this post. Hello, I have a life. read more

Bennington Triangle

I love unexplained mysteries. This story caught my attention from the very beginning. It’s intriguing, mysterious, and really makes you wonder what the hell happened.

“Bennington Triangle” is a nickname given by paranormal author Joseph A. Citro to denote an area of southwestern Vermont within which at least five or as many as ten people have disappeared between 1920 and 1950.This  “mystery triangle” centered around Glastenbury Mountain and includes some or most of the area of the towns immediately surrounding it, especially Bennington, Woodford, Shaftsbury, and Somerset (BenningtonTriangle.com). read more