Who Murdered PI Daniel Morgan in 1987? Police Corruption Possible in Case

I hate police corruption. When it comes to crime, nothing ticks me off more. Why be a cop if you’re just going to break the law, and do the opposite of what your job beholds?

This is another case where there has not been any justice because of an obvious cover-up. There is TONS of info about this case but I am not going to put it all in this post. Hello, I have a life. read more

Bennington Triangle

I love unexplained mysteries. This story caught my attention from the very beginning. It’s intriguing, mysterious, and really makes you wonder what the hell happened.

“Bennington Triangle” is a nickname given by paranormal author Joseph A. Citro to denote an area of southwestern Vermont within which at least five or as many as ten people have disappeared between 1920 and 1950.This  “mystery triangle” centered around Glastenbury Mountain and includes some or most of the area of the towns immediately surrounding it, especially Bennington, Woodford, Shaftsbury, and Somerset (BenningtonTriangle.com). read more

The Bizarre Murder of Wayne Greavette

Wayne Greavette
Wayne Greavette

42-year-old Wayne Greavette of Moffat, Ontario, Canada was murdered in his home on December 12, 1996. That day, he received a package in his name that contained a cardboard cask of Domain D’Or, a low-cost Ontario wine. The liquid contents of the cask had been emptied, replaced with a Duracell Floating Lantern flashlight and a strange note that contained the names of some people Greavette knew, along with a fake business proposal and return address. read more

Novelette Yancy: Unsolved New York Murder from 1982

Novelette Yancy
Novelette Yancy

I stumbled upon this case and was astonished to find that there is very little information on the Internet about it, which makes me wonder why. Nevertheless, I wanted to put it on here. Someone out there knows what happened to this victim.

On Thursday, September 16th, 1982, concerned family members arrived at the Syracuse, New York apartment of 20-year-old Novelette Yancy after not hearing from her for a long period of time. This was not normal behavior for her. read more

Who Killed Jone Knapton in 2003?

Jone KnaptonOn Independence Day 2003, 46-year-old computer programmer, Jone Knapton of East Moline, Illinois spoke with family and friends, and then began working on a large computer project. At around midnight, project members who resided outside the United States became concerned when Jone had not completed her part of the project and logged off her computer.

Knowing this was out of character for her, the members contacted police. On July 6, 2003, co-workers filed a missing persons report, and for days, family and friends feared the worst.

On July 10th, those fears were confirmed when a human torso and other body parts were found in the Green River in Henry County, Illinois, later confirmed as belonging to Jone. To this day, her head, hands, and feet remain missing. read more

The Murder of Jesse Dirkhising

This case makes me sick and the ones responsible should have their you-know-whats cut off.

Jesse Dirkhising

In 1999, 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising of Arkansas was brutally tortured and raped by two gay men.

The records of the Rogers Police Department reflect that on Sunday, September 26th, 1999, at 0453 hours, Patrolman Ian Smith and Patrolman Jason Curry responded to 1207 West Sunset Drive to assist an ambulance crew of the Rogers Fire Department regarding a call for medical assistance. Upon their arrival, Davis Don Carpenter, 38 years of age, and a resident of 1207 West Sunset Drive contacted them. Carpenter seemed very upset and repeatedly said, “He’s not breathing”. Carpenter let the officers into the apartment and to the northwest bedroom. Another male subject, Joshua (Josh) Brown, 22 years of age, was standing in the hallway, completely naked, holding a flashlight and a telephone. The officers observed a young, naked male subject, later identified as Jesse Dirkhising (aka: Jesse Yates), thirteen years of age (DOB: 5-24-86), on the floor in the middle of the room, next to a mattress. Dirkhising’s genitals and abdomen were covered with what appeared to be feces. Dirkhising’s mouth was blue, he had a weak pulse, but he did not appear to be breathing. Patrolman Smith also observed that Dirkhising had masking or duct tape wrapped around his right hand. When Josh Brown was asked about the tape, he replied that they were just playing a game. An empty prescription bottle was observed on the mattress. In addition, Patrolman Smith observed some pills and a razor blade on a mirror at the front entrance, which appeared to be controlled substances and drug paraphernalia. read more

No Justice Yet for Melissa Platt

Melissa PlattOn October 3rd, 2008, 31-year-old Melissa Platt was brutally beaten and left wrapped in a blanket at her North Carolina home until October 8th when her mother, feeling that something was not right, called police to do a welfare check on her daughter. When they found Melissa, she was immediately life-flighted to Pitt County Memorial Hospital where she underwent an immediate craniotomy. She suffered severe bruising all over her body, her jaw was broken on both sides and there were strangulation marks on her neck. On top of all that, her brain was bleeding and she had developed a blood clot.

Melissa had been fighting for her life all alone for days before help came.

She remained in ICU until December 17th when she passed away from her injuries.

Now here is where the injustice part comes in. Her boyfriend had changed his stories numerous times and he was never charged with her murder. He claimed she sustained these injuries from a fall in the bathroom. read more