Crime Writer Eugene Izzi: Strange death in 1996 ruled suicide

American crime writer, Eugene Izzi, was found hanging outside a window 14 stories above Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois on December 7, 1996. The strange death was ruled a suicide; however, those close to Eugene believe foul play was involved.

About the Case

Eugene IzziOn December 7, 1996, a Christmas shopper on Michigan Avenue in Chicago got the shock of his life when he noticed a man hanging out of a window 14 stories above the ground. read more

Review: Special Newsweek Edition: JonBenét: 20 Years Later

*I received a review copy of this Special Newsweek Edition for free to review on this blog.*



This issue is no longer available on newsstands.

New York, NY—Newsweek Special Editions presents JonBenét: 20 Years Later, a 100-page, deluxe magazine covering every angle of the crime that captured America’s attention. Featuring more than two decades worth of reporting on the tragic plight of the Ramseys, including comments from family members, police investigators and other experts, this special edition is a must have for anyone seeking the truth. read more

Carol Rofstad: Murdered in 1975 at Illinois State University

Carol Rofstad was murdered on the Illinois State University campus in Normal, Illinois in 1975. Her case has never been solved.

About the Case

Carol Rofstad21-year-old Elk Grove, Illinois native, Carol Rofstad was attending college at Illinois State University (ISU) in December 1975.

On December 23rd, the college was out for Christmas break, but Carol stayed behind to work at a retail store. Around noon that day, Carol was found beaten and unconscious outside her sorority house at 602 S. Fell Avenue. An 18-inch railroad tie was found nearby. Carol had been laying there for about 12 hours before she was found. Money was discovered in her purse and there was no evidence of sexual assault. read more

Peter Falconio: Disappeared in 2001 in Australia

The other night I watched the horror flick, Wolf Creek 2 . I’m a big horror movie fan (go figure), and this one was pretty good and gross. My kind of movie. I read that this one and the first Wolf Creek were based on actual events, so of course, I had to Google it.

While doing so, I came across the true disappearance of Peter Falconio and became very intrigued with this case, so that’s why it’s now on this blog. Apparently, this case made major headlines in Australia and the UK, but I don’t recall ever hearing about it here in the States. There’s a lot of info out there, including the convicted killer’s criminal background, but I’ve kept the actual “About the Case” fairly short. You can always Google it, too. 😉 read more