Jennifer Lynn Pandos: Missing Since 1987

jenny pandosOn the morning of February 10, 1987, Margie Pandos did not hear the shower running, which was unusual because her daughter, 15-year-old Jennifer Lynn Pandos, should have been getting ready for school. Jennifer was a sophomore at Lafayette High School in Williamsburg, Virginia, and the family lived in the Kingsmill area of Williamsburg.

Margie and her husband, Ron, knocked on Jennifer’s bedroom door, but she didn’t answer. They tried opening the door, only to discover it was locked. The parents forced their way in to their daughter’s bedroom, but their daughter was not there. read more

Annie McCarrick: Missing from Ireland Since 1993

anniemccarrickIn March 1993, 26-year-old Irish-American, Annie McCarrick was living at Sandymount in Dublin with two female roommates. Early in the day on March 26th, she ran errands to the bank and grocery store, and then later left to go walking in Enniskerry, about a half hour away.

That same day, she was supposed to pick up her paycheck, but she never showed. read more