Amy Mihaljevic: 1989 Murder Still Unsolved

amymihaljevicEarly in the week of  October 27, 1989, 10-year-old Amy Mihaljevic of Bay Village, OH received a phone call from a man claiming he knew her mother, Margaret. The man said he wanted to buy her mother a gift for her promotion at work and needed Amy’s help in picking something out. He explained to her that he had to keep it a secret.

He convinced the young girl to walk to the Bay Village Shopping Center on Friday, October 27th where he would meet her to go shopping. He told her to call her mother so she would not worry, and Amy did as she was told. read more

The 1997 Murder of English School Girl Billie-Jo Jenkins

Billie-Jo JenkinsIn 1997, Billie-Jo Jenkins resided with her foster family in Hastings, England, a coastal town about 1.5 hours southeast of London. Her biological parents could not raise her properly as her father was in prison and her mother was a heavy drinker. So, in 1992, Billie-Jo was sent to live with the Jenkins family (no relation). Billie-Jo knew Annie Jenkins from school. read more

Mary Agnes Moroney: Missing for 85 Years

This is a very old case, dating back to 1930. I normally do not write about cases that old, but this one has always intrigued me. It’s sad that her family never found her.

Mary_Moroney_5_15_30_Chicago_ILOn May 14, 1930,  a young Chicago mother named Catherine Moroney received a strange visit from a woman calling herself Julia Otis.  Julia claimed that a social worker by the name of Mrs. Henderson sent her to the Moroney residence to help the family. This did not surprise the 17-year-old mother. Catherine and her husband, Michael, had made a public appeal for a job for Michael in the Chicago Daily Tribune. They already had two children –  two-year-old Mary Agnes, a one-year-old girl named Anastasia – plus a third child on the way. The Moroneys were poor, and what they did make was not enough to support their young family. read more

Took a month-long break

But I will be writing again soon. I stepped away for personal reasons but am now ready to get back to this blog. Sometimes, I just need a break, so don’t be surprised if you see my absence again. Writing about what I write about is depressing and can really mess with my emotions. Stepping away helps me get back to the norm.

I apologize for doing this but it’s a necessary evil. read more