Alessandra Sandri: missing since 1975

alessandrasandri11-year-old Alessandra Sandri disappeared from Bologna, Italy on the morning of April 7, 1975. She caught a bus to her school, getting off in Via Farini 10, Bologna city center.

A classmate of Alessandra’s told police that Alessandra said, “Go forward, then I’ll join you.”

Alessandra has not been seen since.

During the months prior to Alessandra’s disappearance, two men were accused of molesting her and one of her friends.

In April 1998, a woman came forward to say that in 1979, her daughter was harassed by a man who had recorded on tape a conversation with Alessandra where she told about the two men. This man, a neighbor named Ignatius Kinship is now deceased. ┬áIgnatius made this recording one month before Alessandra went missing. The interview lasted about 23 minutes and took place in a basement shop of Kinship’s. read more