A Sinister Night in D.C.

wone_robertIt was an extremely hot and humid night in Washington D.C. on  August 2, 2006. Washington attorney Robert Eric Wone had worked all day, attended an evening seminar in downtown D.C., made a brief call to his wife, and met with the Radio Free Asia night shift at the offices in Dupont Circle.

Wone had made plans to spend the night with college friend Joe Price, instead of driving to his home in Fairfax County, Virgina. He arrived at the residence, located at 1509 Swann Street at around 10:30 p.m.

Price’s partner, Victor Zaborsky and friend, Dylan Ward also resided with Price in the Dupont Circle home. Zaborsky had already gone to bed by the time Wone arrived, but Ward was still up. Wone, Price, and Ward had a brief conversation before all three retired for the night. Price joined Zaborsky in their third-floor bedroom. Ward claimed he took a sleeping bill, read for a few minutes, then fell asleep in his second-floor bedroom. He also claimed he could hear Wone taking a shower in a bathroom down the hall. read more

Brianne Ruth Wolgram Missing Since 1998 From Revelstoke, BC

This is one of those cases where I immediately felt a connection to the victim while searching for information on it. The case is a little strange, too, and you’ll see why once you read it.

Brianne WolgramBetween 11:00 and 11:30 pm, Brianne Ruth Wolgram, 19, was last seen at the 7-11 store in Revelsoke, BC on September 5, 1998. Shortly after, the young woman disappeared without a trace. Three young unidentified girls were the last people seen talking with her in the convenience store. read more

Leigh Marine Occhi: Almost 20 Years and Still No Answers

Leigh Marine Occhi
Leigh Marine Occhi

On August 27, 1992, Hurricane Andrew had already inflicted its wrath on parts of Florida and was on its way to the Gulf Coast. Vicki Yarborough arose that morning like any other work day. The radio alarm blasted at 6:45 am . Laying next to her in bed was her 13-year-old daughter, Leigh Occhi. The two lived by themselves in the 100 block of Honey Locust Drive in Tupelo, Mississippi. Vicki was separated from her husband, Leigh’s stepfather, Barney. read more

John Rodgers and Thomas Spence

(L) John Rodgers; (R) Thomas Spence

On November 26, 1974, two boys, John Rodgers, 13, and Thomas Spence, 11, left their homes in Belfast, Ireland to walk the short distance to the school bus stop to catch a bus to their special needs school.

When the bus arrived at the stop on Falls Road, the boys were not there.

The boys lived very close to the stop. Thomas lived around the corner on Rockdale Street; John lived a bit further away on Rodney Drive. read more

Two Boys, Two Disappearances 10 Years Apart

I was reading about the case of missing child Dennis Lloyd Martin, who disappeared in 1969. Noticing the similarities between him and another missing child, Daniel Barter in 1959, I couldn’t help but wonder if they are related or just very similar to one another.

Here are both cases.

Daniel Barter

Age: 4

Date Missing: June 18, 1959

Missing from: Perdido Bay, Alabama read more

What Happened to 16-year-old Kevin Hicks?

kevin hicksKevin Hicks was a typical teenager in 1986 who loved remote-controlled cars and pop music. On March 2nd, 1986, he left his home on Sissinghurst Road in Croyden, UK at 8:40 p.m. to buy some eggs for a cookery exam the next day, taking only £1 with him. The store was just a few blocks from his home.

Derek Hicks, Kevin’s father, returned home from an emergency at work around 9:00 p.m. When Kevin still was not back at 11 p.m., he drove around looking for him.

His father said that if he was going to be late, he’d always call home. When Kevin didn’t call that night, Derek started calling Kevin’s friends. When that failed, he called the police. read more

Thomas Burkett: who murdered this young college student?

WARNING: Long post!

This case had a lot of info so I just copied a letter from the victim’s mother as well as parts of an article and pasted the information here.

Anatomy of a Coverup 

by Beth George 

My son, Tommy Burkett had three semesters remaining until graduation from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia when he was murdered in 1991. Tommy was working under cover for the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration at the time. He also worked for the University’s Admissions Office and for Student Painters. read more