Tara Calico and The Polaroid Picture

Tara Calico

I've read about this case several times and was reluctant to put it on here because it's been written about numerous times. However, I thought I would go ahead and do it so I can give my opinion on the case and that famous picture.  Tara Calico, 19, disappeared in 1988 after going on a bike ...

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True Crime Diva Book Reviews is Now Up!


Hello there and happy Sunday!I just launched the Book Reviews section of True Crime Diva. You can access it at the top menu or click on the banner below. I noticed a glitch but it has been fixed! Here, I will review true crime, crime fiction, and mystery thrillers. I will also interview authors if given the ...

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Mabel Crumback: Canadian missing since 1950

Mabel Crumback

I meant to have this post and another one up yesterday but that didn't happen. I did manage to get this one done, and will be working on the next one shortly. This post is longer that I wanted it to be, but I kept thinking of different things as I was writing it lol. 19-year-old ...

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Bianca Lebron: Still missing after almost 15 years

Bianca Lebron

10-year-old Bianca Lebron of Bridgeport, Connecticut vanished in 2001 after getting into a van driven by an unknown Hispanic male. She has never been seen again. About the Case On November 7, 2001, Bianca Lebron, 10, arrived at Elias Howe School in Bridgeport, Connecticut to begin a full day of classes. While waiting outside to go in, a ...

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Christine Markham: Missing since 1973

Christine Markham

On May 21, 1973, nine-year-old Christine Markham, of Scunthorpe, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom disappeared on her way to school and has not been seen since. About the Case On the morning of May 21, 1973, Christine Markham walked halfway to Henderson Avenue Primary School with two of her siblings. The siblings got on a bus that would take ...

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Who Took Little William Jones III in 1962?

William Jones III

Three-year-old William Jones III disappeared near his home in Vineland, New Jersey in 1962. About the Case On December 17, 1962, William and his two-year-old sister, Jill, were playing outside near their Taylor Avenue home in Vineland, New Jersey. Sometime later, Jill returned home alone carrying a poinsettia. She told her mother that Billy handed it to ...

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Henry L. Baltimore Junior: Missing since 1973

Henry L Baltimore Junior

Henry L. Baltimore Jr. disappeared almost 43 years ago and has not been seen since. About The Case On May 30, 1973, 21-year-old Michigan State University student, Henry L. Baltimore Junior disappeared from his off-campus apartment he shared with three roommates - Tony Ransom, George Heath, and Paul Lott, Junior. Henry was not discovered missing until his sister, Lural Baltimore, arrived ...

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