The 1991 Yogurt Shop Murders


If there is one thing I despise, it’s a horrific murder that never gets solved, especially one involving children. Such is the case of the 1991 Austin Yogurt Shop murders. Four teenage girls raped and murdered, and their killers walk free to this day. I actually remember this happening, although I lived several states away. […]

Going Back to the Old Way


I’ve decided to go back to writing the way I used to in this blog. Meaning, I will write about the case, then give my opinion (not all the time) at the end of the post, and being brutally honest when needed. It’s ridiculous to write two separate posts – one on the case, and […]

Update on Blog


I just wanted to let you know that I am back to writing this week and through the upcoming weekend. I said that last week but then I got sick for several days, so I decided to wait on the writing. I also have not started the book I am going to review. I plan on […]

The 1984 Bennett Family Murder


Bruce Bennett, 27, his wife, Debra, 26, and their two children, Melissa, 7, and Vanessa, 3, resided in a quiet neighborhood in Aurora, Colorado in 1984. Bruce worked at a family-owned furniture store, and was also trained as an air traffic controller. The family led a quiet, normal life in this small Denver suburb. But that […]

The 2001 Death of Two-Year-Old Ricky Morehouse III

Reggy (left) and Ricky (right) Morehouse

On March 3, 2001, two-year-old Ricky Morehouse III and his twin, Reggy, were visiting their mother, Rachel Page (now Rachel Luft) for the weekend at her home in the tiny community of Kent, Iowa. The boys’ dad, Rick Morehouse, Jr., had custody of the toddlers, and they resided with him and Rick’s wife, Robin, about two hours away […]

Asha Jaquilla Degree: Missing since 2000 from North Carolina

asha degree

Asha Jaquilla Degree vanished from Shelby, North Carolina during the early morning hours of Valentine’s Day 2000. Her father, Harold Degree, last saw his daughter around 2:30 a.m. sleeping in her bed.  For unknown reasons, sometime between 2:30 and 3:15 a.m., Asha walked out of her family apartment of her own accord. The last known sighting of Asha was […]

Rachael Runyan: Still no justice almost 33 years later

Rachael Marie Runyan, is seen on her swing in 1982. Photo credit: The Salt Lake Tribune

On August 26, 1982, three-year-old Rachael Runyan of Sunset, Utah was playing at her elementary school’s playground with her two older brothers when a man approached her offering bubble gum and ice cream. After earning Rachael’s trust, the man grabbed her, threw her into his car, and sped away. Rachael’s brothers watched in horror as their sister was […]

TCD’s Thoughts: Reny Jose

Reny Jose missing flyer

To read about this case, please click here. As I stated at the beginning of the post I did on Reny’s case, the case itself is eerily similar to Brittanee Drexel’s case. They’re not connected, but it’s weird how similar they are. Like Brittanee, Reny was from New York and disappeared while on spring break. Reny was […]

Reny Jose: Missing since March 2014


I just came across this case and it reminds me of Brittanee Drexel’s case in many ways. Rice University student, Reny Jose, 21, was on spring break in Panama City, FL in March 2014. He was one of about 20 students who rented a beach house March 1st.  He was last seen at 7pm on March […]

Angela Marie Hammond: Disappeared in 1991

Angela Marie Hammond

Angela’s disappearance is similar to the abduction of Elaine Nix in Georgia in 1999. Like Elaine, 20-year-old Angela Marie Hammond was speaking to her boyfriend, Rob, at a payphone at approximately 11:15 p.m. on April 4, 1991 in Clinton, MO. The payphone she was using was in the parking lot of the Food Barn Store, […]