Richard David Marlow: Missing since 1944 from Toronto

Richard David Marlow

On July 18, 1944, nine-year-old Richard David Marlow vanished without a trace near his Beta Street home in Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario. He was last seen riding his older sister's bicycle up and down the street. The bicycle itself was left in the yard. A few members of Richard's family were at the movies that evening. Richard had been the ...

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Tabitha Lynn Franklin: Missing since 2009 from Alabama

Tabitha Lynn Franklin

I came across this case on Facebook, and decided to post it here because the person who is clearly responsible has not been arrested for a crime due to lack of evidence. Still, it's irritating. Tabitha Lynn Franklin, 28, was a victim of domestic violence, survivor of sexual abuse, loving mother of three children, and now a missing ...

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Megan Nichols: Missing from Fairfax, IL

Megan Nichols

This is a newer case - from 2014. I have one main reason for writing it. I want more exposure on Megan because I don't feel her case is getting the attention it deserves. On July 3, 2014, 15-year-old Megan Nichols vanished from her Fairfield, Illinois home and has not been seen since. Her mother, Kathy Jo ...

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Michelle Norris: Murdered in 1988; Case still unsolved

Michelle Norris

On May 26, 1988, seven-year-old Michelle Norris left home with her brothers and cousins to walk to a park located behind Capt. G. Harold Hunt Elementary School in Central Falls, Rhode Island, where she attended first grade. The group was going to play a game of hide and seek. At some point during her time at the park, Michelle ...

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James F Gossen: New Mexico Businessman’s 1988 Murder Still Unsolved

James F Gossen

In 2012, I wrote a series of posts on police corruption in New Mexico. Recently, a woman named Myra Redman commented on one of those posts saying the 1988 murder of her husband, James F. Gossen, remains unsolved and there are questionable matters regarding his case as well. I reached out to Myra and told her ...

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Gail Miles: Who killed the 61-year-old retired police officer?

Gail Miles

Gail Miles, 61, was a retired Watertown, Massachusetts police officer, having worked for the department from 1984 until her retirement in 2004. When she was hired, Gail was the first black police officer and only the second female officer at Watertown Police Department (WPD). Throughout her 20 years of service, Gail endured severe sexual harassment and ...

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Carla Rebecca Corley: Teen missing since 1980

Carla Corley

Carla Rebecca Corley, age 14, disappeared from her home at the Eastwood Projects in Birmingham, Alabama on August 12, 1980 (some reports say August 8). That night, Carla and her mother were watching television together. Carla's mom eventually went to bed; Carla stayed up. The next morning Carla's mom awoke to the sound of the television channel ...

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